Baby pics are up, thanks to Pucette!!

Thanks to the wonderful Pucette, who offered to host pics of the Even Littler Doper[sup]TM[/sup], there is a page up with some pics. (As an added bonus, The Littlest Doper[sup]TM[/sup] is present, too.)

Check out the pics.

Be sure to thank Pucette for hosting and posting the pics! (She did a super job and did it very quickly.)

The Spritlings look adorable!!

Awwwwww. They’re so cute! Thanks for sharing the pics.

I just had a huge cuteness overload there. Spritle, your boys are just precious beyond words. Ethan looks just like his Daddy.

Thank you so much for making the pics available, Pucette!

Cuteness overload indeed. No need to thank me. Such cuteness NEEDS to be shared! :slight_smile:

My favorite pic is the smooch one. Awwww…

How sweet! Spritle you have adorable boys!

AWWWWWWWW!!! This thread should have been titled:


They are adoreable! Is it just me, or do Dopers just naturally produce the cutest humanlets?

what cuties!!!

thanks all.

They’re cute and fun too!

The Littlest Doper[sup]TM[/sup] is getting pretty good with the two word sentences! Yesterday he said “Blue car.” Of course, he was looking at a red car.

He knows his numbers from 0 to 13 (we have 13 steps in the house) and knows the names of 5 colors. He can identify any color (as long as it’s blue.)

Kids are fun.

Sometimes newborns look like little philosophers. It’s how their little mouths purse and the way their eyebrows are. I love that. Your littlest one has that – looks like he spent 9 months thinking about the world’s problems and is just waiting for the ability to speak so he can tell us the solutions!!

Ha! Usually he looks like a 60 year old man trying to push out a juicy fart. Honest!

(but a darn cute 60 year old man trying to push out a juicy fart.)