Whoa, I'm a dad! (Pics, of course.)

My wife delivered our first baby Monday morning at 3:05am. We just got back from hospital, and she’s getting some rest. (It was just about impossible to sleep at the hospital, exhausted or not.)

My daughter is sleeping, too. I’m just e-mailing family, friends, co-workers, MLAs, ex-roommates, beleagured Nigerian widows, etc with the news - and I thought I’d include the SDMB, since I was thoughtless enough to casually mention my wife’s water broke in a sorta-but-not-really-appropriate thread.

She is as cute as a bug!

My wife, too.

Lots of firsts in the past 48 hours.

The first diaper change was more dramatic than I expected, really. I was prepared for a little meconium, in the abstract sense. Not the rivers of it that were actually forthcoming, though – It really did put me in the mind of the title sequence from The Beverly Hillbillies. It also confirmed that I’m a Doper, because when she started letting loose again as soon as the soiled diaper was away, I had to explain in detail about the thread here that I’d read with interest (“Stop shing your f*ing pants!”) and how I’d utterly failed to integrate the sage advice of more experienced parents contained therein.

Anyway - forgive the laconic OP. I’m just gonna go watch her breathe a little more. Faaaaascinating. :slight_smile:


She’s adorable. Both of them. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, Larry. She’s gorgeous.

Once you get past the meconium, the diapers get a lot easier.

Cute! I love the confused look on a newborn’s face. “Wait…man…wha’ happen? Duuuuude, I can totally see up your nose, man.”

Congratulations! She is indeed a cutie. :smiley:

What’s her name?

What a darling li’l fuzzhead, congrats to you and the Mrs!

What a beautiful family! Mazel Tov!

First of all, congrats! She’s beautiful!

Second, I find it hilarious that your wife looks well-rested and ready to take on the world, while you and the baby look like you could use a nap. She must be a heck of a woman.

She is squishy and adorable. Congratulations!

My kinda gal, she had lipstick on!

Congrats Larry, life, as you know it, is over, to be replaced by something far, far more interesting. (Psst! Did you send your wife Thank You flowers? Get her a necklace? Something? Really, the woman just made you a Daddy. Step up.)


She’s darling! Congrats!

Does the bug have a name?

Wow what a beautiful baby she is!! I’m sure you’re a swaddling expert by now. Congrats!!

Many, many congrats.

Say goodbye to sleep, sex and your old life.

Say hello to the best, best, best thing ever - parenthood!

Congratulations. Glad to hear that the mother and child are both healthy.

Wishing you a lifetime of joy with your new family. :slight_smile:

Eee, so cute! Congratulations!

Aww. :slight_smile: Congratulations!

In 2025 she’ll be old enough to drive!

Aw, what a cutie.

Congratulations to all three of you!

Awww… very cute.

Congrats! I must admit I felt a pang of envy when you said that your wife was due in two weeks and then posted that her water broke. Actually, I felt like I wanted to reach through my screen and punch you in the dick. My due date is today and I have no signs of anything impending. :wink:

She’s beautiful, and your wife looks fabulous for having just had a baby!