We're having a baby!

Well, I have posted several times about this, and tonight at 10 my wife’s water broke. We’re at the hospital now, sitting in the delivery room. Pretty boring so far, she isn’t exactly in labor, but will be by morning. She’s dilated 3cm so far. Maybe we’ll have a baby doper by morning…

She’s fine so far, watching television. I guess I’ll keep anyone who is interested posted.

Brendon Small

Good luck with everything! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Wicked excited (NE thing)!

Here’s to a safe delivery and a beautiful, healthy new baby!

raises glass

Thanks guys. Of course I’m here in the room surfing the dope. The nurses have tried giving her medicine and told her to get some rest, specifically to sleep a little before she goes into all out labor. Of course, about 5 minutes later her family showed up, so she’s tried staying awake even though she herself said she needed to sleep.

Gonna be a long night…

Brendon Small

Broiled? Fried? Details, man!

Are congratulations in order yet?

How exciting! I hope everything is going/went well.

Do we have a new Doperling yet?

Congratulations! I hope everything went (is going) very well!

Wheee! Congratulations! Update us soon, if you can!

Congrats! I hope Mrs. Small doesn’t shout at you to much during labor. :wink:

Woo-hoo! Give us a shout when you know something…

I was just wondering when the Smallest Small would get here! Squee, new baby!


(I think the minimum age of Dopers is in the teens, though; you may have to wait a bit for that subscription…)

Aaaaah, that New Baby Smell…

Yay! I hope it’s all going/gone well, and that Mrs. Small did get some sleep. Or that she’s getting some now.

We’ll be bringing my laptop to the birth center, too, since it has wireless internet access…

Oven roasted stuffed with oranges?

Congrats! I hope your lack of posting is because you and Mrs. Small are bonding with the small Small.

Congratulations! If it’s not too late, please make anyone who is expecting to be able to sleep at will for the the next couple of years go away and let your wife get some. The family are just there for the entertainment value of the experience, you and your wife have more important things to do. If they want to be of support, they can go away and make casseroles and you’ll call them when you’re done!