By request: the Ogreling at just about a year!

Because it would be wrong to post pics of my kid in the Pit, and because he finally (FINALLY) got a clean bill of health today and is happy and bouncy again, AND because we’re just about to make it through the first year, I thought I’d post some of the latest pics of the little guy.




to keep


He’s beautiful! Leetle bugger looks worn out, too.

Here’s hoping for a nice long refreshing winter’s nap for all of you.

What a handsome fella :slight_smile:

Wow, those are some BLUE eyes.


With those baby blues, he’s gonna be a real heartbreaker some day!

On balance, I think you made the right call.:smiley:

Definitely a cutie!

You may be rethinking that whole “We’ve decided to keep him” thing once puberty hits. :wink:

Until then, though, what a great-looking guy!

He has such brilliant blue eyes!

Thanks, guys. He got his mom’s eyes. Mine are plain ol’ brown. :slight_smile:

That is one cute kid - congrats on your progeny!

What a cutie!
:: falls over ::

YAY! Oh mah gawd he’s a cutie!

I’m glad he’s feeling better, too. I love his eyes, they’re almost lavender in some of those photos.


(Grabs and snorgles baby)

I’m so glad he’s feeling better. He looks so cuddly and his eyes are amazing.

You have a stunning baby boy there. Thanks for the photos.

an seanchai

He’s quite the cutie!

Mine just turned two. This next year is a blast–the development of language skills is just the coolest thing ever. She cracks me up every day. Enjoy it!

Glad he’s got a clean bill of health. Now put him back to work in the gym. Bama needs a QB for the class of 2032…

Roll Tide!

He does have beautiful eyes! My favorite picture is the one above though, just because he looks so ridiculously happy.

He’s beautiful, but I especially love the ones where he’s acting mischievous! He’s definitely a keeper. :slight_smile:

What a sweet little guy! And just as cute as can be!

Ogre, he is adorable! And those eyes… our son had blue eyes like that for years. Now they’ve changed to green, like mine. Each year will keep getting better: every year, I swear it’s the best year with our kids, then the next year is even better than the last.