The tenets of Og?

I’ve wondered about this for awhile. I see a lot of people like to sub Og for God. Fine with me, I can see why you might. But it’s used in the same context of God. As in , “For the love of God/Og”, “And I think to myself, For God’s/Og’s sake!” etc.

So who is this Og you speak of? Is it a higher power? This wouldn’t be appropriate for atheists. Is it some spiritual entity? If you’re atheist and use this, do you beleive in Og or is it just a phrase?

So while it sounds snarky, it really isn’t. Just wondering if there really is some Og people understand, or if it’s really just a phrase.

In the beginning…

Og Smash!

Ok, serious answer.

A while back, there was some idjit (since banned, I belive. Hopefully someone can find the original thread) blowing a gasket over in the Pit. Nothing noteworthy about him except that he reapeatedly made the same typo when writing “of God”, having it come out instead as “og God”.

He was already starting to be mocked when someone asked who this Og God fellow was, and from there a mock mythology sprang up.

Ah, here it is:

It would seem that racinchikki was the first to acknowledge the divine nature of Og.


Actually, the tenents of OG are a pain in the butt. They let their cat mess all over OG’s woodwork.

OG is considering raising their rent. :slight_smile:

Og not use auxiliary verbs. Og talk like Hulk.

Og smash better, though.

Any truth to rumours about a production of “The Passion of the Og” in the original languages?

:: waits for the snickering to die down, so i can regain normal competency at typing ::

there. whew!

oh, that was priceless. thanks so much for the link, sublight. i don’t wander in the Pitt that often, so i’d never found that particular gem. and a personal treasure i bring back from my trip:

i think this has inspired a secondary sig for me:

“Jerry Falwell is a hamster twat.” – Bhudda said it, I believe it, that settles it!


Sublight, thanks for the info. Now I understand! :smiley:

See, everyone? I, too, can learn!! :eek:

I’ve been wondering about Og for awhile. Thanks for the thread and the link.

:slight_smile: Good stuff.


:dubious: :dubious: :dubious:

  1. Og wants smart believers. Be not stupid.

  2. Og is great. You OK, but not great. Og love you anyway.

  3. Do not worship false Ogs, such as Fi’ty Cent or Kid Rock.

  4. Coveting thy neighbor’s wife’s ass can be risky; Og gonna watch over you…with amusement.

  5. Og much cooler than you. Get over it.

  6. Be not jerk. Og love you, but Og Smash!

  7. Rob not neighbor’s liquor store. Og’s wife nephew owns one, OK?

  8. Pretty sunrise? Work of Og. Praise Og. Og like that. Humor Og.

  9. Want Og’s help in your softball game? Forget it; Og very busy Og, you on own.

  10. Eat not poison ivy, not fun. If eat snails, Og not want know. Not tell Og.

These are my two favorites. Now I’m gonna go around and say “Work of Og. Praise Og. Og like that.” whenever something good happens. Thanks for nothing. :wally:

Some deities demand burnt offerings from their followers. I hope Og accepts spittakes. (I held everything in until #4.)

Thank you, Asknotmoses,butmuchmuchfunnierNott

  1. Og am what Og am.

  2. Og made world, Og love you; what you want, egg in beer?

  3. Og have eye on sparrow. Sparrow sneaky bird.

  4. Some not believe in Og. Og not angry with them. Be not jerk to disbelievers.

As the son of Ong, I do …

Who this “Ong” fellow? Og not know him,not know his son. They slip over fence on Saturday night?


Tasty, too.

So Og demands tasty sparrow sacrifices? Burnt or raw?

Dammit, AskstillfunnierthanMosesNott, I’m going to be running out of spit sacrifices by the end of this thread. Yeah it was only a well-deserved, apres work Budweiser, but I am saving the Guinness for a special occasion.

What are Og’s worshippers called? Oggiests?

If I did that, people would think I was weirder then they already do. Is that possible? looks down at mixmatched Converse Hi-Tops and weird looking shirt Guess not.