I Don't Want To Be One Of *Those* Parents...

…but holy crap, do we know how to make a fricking cute baby or what? :slight_smile:


Almost as cute as a kitten. :smiley:

I love this one. “Heyyyyy, this place is kinda cool!”

Mom looks so thrilled.

That’s one damn cute baby.

AAH! :: dies from cuteness ::
Absolutely adorable, Hal. (That’s what AAH! stands for. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Some captions with links:

“Hey, where did everyone go?”

“Boy am I tired. I think I’ll ju-zzzz …”



I notice that the picture info on your fist link says it was Fine Quality, too… :slight_smile:


She is adorable! Ewe should be so proud!

Sorry, Mrs. Briston… I couldn’t resist! Kid really is cute, too!

Absolutely adorable! And don’t you dare worry about being one of “those” parents - you are morally, and perhaps even legally, obliged to consider your little girl to be the cutest baby ever to grace the earth with her presence. And she is.

We parents of older children are morally, and perhaps legally, obliged to indulge you.

Most babies are ugly. But yours? Genuine cutie. You guys have some skills. Go teach a class. :smiley:

Best wishes to you and yours, Hal.

Very nice looking child, congratulations. But if I’m not mistaken, she seems to be thinking “I want a sibling!”

She is adorable.

I dunno

:wink: :smiley:

So you haven’t got a cat like all the other Dopers?

Cute kid, except image 58 seems to show that she is actually a cyborg…clever trick.

Oh my! Look at this one.

Kitty and baby!

You done good, daddy. (And mommy!)

Why is it always plugged in? Is it battery powered?

Believe me, I’ve make that observation as well. Sometimes it looks like her head was drawn on with a compass. :slight_smile:

Four of 'em, actually…and a dog. We got them during the years that we thought we wouldn’t be able to have kids. And now it’s too late to trade 'em in…

That’s an apnea monitor. She has this little habit of forgetting to breathe when she’s sleeping. After 15 seconds without taking a breath, we get a nice, ear-shredding alarm.

And thanks for the praise, all. InternetLegend, you summed it up very nicely. :slight_smile:

She’s very cute, but I would have expected her to be more… well… wooly. :smiley:

Since Dolores already posted the cutest picture: