As usual there’s no room for nuance in the social media sphere. On one hand we have magazines posting articles saying that people who dislike the film are ‘a right-wing movement’…good lord.

On the other side, the argument is:

!. Its disgusting
2. It exploits little girls.
3. Its fodder for pedos

  1. I haven’t seen it. So besides being subjective…i can’t say whether the entirety of the film makes enough of an artistic statement. As i said earlier,…is ‘Pretty Baby’ not art??

  2. In the earlier thread, I commented that the actresses are being paid, and I’m confident that all kinds of support and discretion was available (note the film is French so i may be wrong!!)…BUT, my argument before was based on a level of provactiveness i perceived, and from what i gather now its much greater then what I thought,…so, I dunno. The actresses are supposedly 11 so maybe it does cross a line? I dunno.

  3. Thptth. People will find whatever they want to fap to.

What do you all think?

Edit: Basically, I saying I don’t think this is a slam-dunk “Disgusting pedo film that if you even discuss it, you’re a pedo and should be shunned”…I think its worthy of talking about.

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