Cyber Cafés in London, UK

Anyone use EasyInternet Cafés in London or elsewhere in the UK? How are they?

I’ve used the enormous one on Tottenham Court Road - it was straightforward and easy to use. You pay your money, you get time on the net. Is there anything specific you want to know?

Thanks, Francesca. I was also wondering about whether or not there is usually much of a waiting period. It seems that with hundreds of pc’s, there wouldn’t be any waiting. But…

I shouldn’t think so. I don’t remember having to wait. I would think computer availability varies according to the time of day - go there before 11am and you’ll be pretty much guaranteed a PC, but I would think you’ll be pretty safe most of the time anyway.

Planning a trip to London then? Good luck, and let us know if you need any other advice :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Francesca. Yes, I’m flying to London tomorrow, then hitting Oxford, the Lake District, Scotland, & northern Ireland… Always expect detours, too. Sometimes they are more fun. I don’t plan to sit at cybercafe’s often, but was just locating some for “just in case.” Every time I go to London I try to do something different. This time it will be the Globe Theatre, London Eye & Ceremony of the Keys. I’m excited! :cool:

How much do they cost? Don’t libraries there have free net computers like they do in the US?

Yes, there are, but not really easily available in central London. Easyeverything cafes use a demand-based pricing system, where the cost reflects how busy the store is.

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There’s a bar in London that uses the same principle. A ticker over the counter shows the current price of each drink, and any dip can lead to sudden rush for the bar as everyone tries to get the cheapest pint.

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I spent three and a half months in London last fall and lived 6 blocks up from the EasyEverything on Oxford St. and I was nothing but impressed with them. I bought the great #15 a month for unlimited access deal, but the cheapest times to go are post-10pm, I believe. 2am is even better. A small monitor above the main desk in front tells you what the current rate is.

Oh, and if you go to the one on Oxford, make sure you don’t go downstairs. The funk builds up down there from all us all-night i-net users. Phew.

I went to Easyeverything numerous times when I lived & studied in England and would occasionally visit London:

[li]They only a couple of pounds and are prorated depending on activity. At peak times, the fee may only get you an hour, but during slow times, it could get you four hours.[/li][li]You get a password that is good for several days, so once you log on and leave, if your allotment wasn’t completely used up, you can return the next day with the same password[/li][li]They’re very well-lit and have plenty of terminals.[/li][li]They’re open 24-hours. Often times I’d have a train ride back home early in the morning, and instead of forking money over for a hostel, I’d just stay up at th EasyEverything all night and catch-up on correspondence.[/li]
The only one I’ve seen in the States is in NY Times Square; not quite the same but it still a really good deal.

Hope you have a good trip, Violet! As long as you’re down by the Globe & London Eye, you’ve got to check out the Tate Modern. Have fun!