"Cycladic Head" Olympic Ceremony Statue

So I watched (some of) the Olympic opening ceremony, and I was particularly intrigued by the huge, white “Cycladic Head” statue that split into different anatomical torso statuary types - I believe they were referred to as “Kouros” forms, and the sub-statues split into puzzle-like pieces that were all lowered on wires into the pool of water below to represent (as the ever-annoying Bob Costas stated) the Greek islands.

So, being the fan of the puzzle sculptures of Miguel Berrocal that I am, and knowing that Berrocal produced works for the Barcelona Olympics (a large carbon-fiber torso that was able to split apart and rotate to form the five interlocking ring Olympic symbol), I was wondering if anyone knows if the Cycladic Head statue and sub statues were designed by Berrocal?

I looked at a few articles and got as far as the designer of the entire pageant, a Greek artist, and no mentions of Berrocal anywhere, but if he didn’t design that statue/puzzle thing, it was definitely inspired by his works.

Anyone have the answer?

“toy geek”