Women's Reactions To Male Greek Statues?

Do y’all find them erotic? The penises are mostly flaccid but, I must admit the guys are muscular.

I still find the fact that they have no pupils in their eyeballs spooky, though.

The female statues don’t do anything for me, but in another historical period and genre a Boticelli painting really turns me on. :wink:

This might be better in MPSIMS, but since it calls for opinions, I placed it here.



Oh, for sheer erotic sizzle, give me a de Kooning any time.

His female portraits have all the power and raw sexuality of…ummm…Chester Gould’s “Mrs. Pruneface.”

Greek sculptures erotic? I have not ever even thought about it. But perhaps that’s because I was first introduced to them in art school…

That was pretty funny about de Kooning’s Women series though.

I forgot, there is one sculpture I find erotic. Bernini’s St Theresa in Ecstasy.

Greek statues make Venoma go drool.

That is all.


heh, exactly. Could someone please explain why they are sculpted in such a way?

The sexiest thing about Greek male statues is the fact that most of 'em have rather small parts, yet they don’t have issues about it. They stand there in all their naked glory, saying “This is the way I was made, take it or leave it”.

One thing I’ve always been curious about though, why are the balls always square shaped? Is it easier to sculpt that way? Did guys back then have square testicles?

Maybe Mediterranean men have oddly shaped balls compared with what we westerners are used to?

Input needed!

carodin, I think I recall reading somwhere that back in the day when the sculptures were created they did have pupils but over time they, uh, fell out. I agree they are kind of creepy looking.

carodin: At least some of the statues had their eyes painted, so they wouldn’t have looked so weird when they were new. Occasionally you can even find statues with inlaid irises/pupils. Of course, by the Renaissance it was more common to chisel holes in the eyes to give the appearance of pupils.

hillbilly queen: This thread in Café Society asked the same question about penis size. I stand by my suggestion there that it was because the statues were supposed to depict the perfect (i.e. intellectual) human, not the animal human and a smaller penis meant that the subject had more going on upstairs than downstairs.
Nobody seemed to pay much attention to my post though :rolleyes:

Re: the “blank” eyeballs in Classical Statuary – well, waaayy back, the statues were painted in the appropriate coloration. So the irises/pupils would be painted in.

Yeah, thats what I meant :smack:

I went to Greece this summer, and while there, had a chance to see many Greek statues. I came to the conclusion: Greek guys are HOT! Unfortuneately, I had no chance to hang out with any flesh-and-blood live Greeks, because my parents were there…

Actually, what I find so sexy about the Greek guys in the statues is not so much their genitals (All guys have 'em, and the ones in the statues aren’t particularly special), but the rest of their bodies. They are chiseled to perfection, with just the right amount of muscle and proportions. If only one could come to life and take me into his arms…
But seriously, I find the statues of the regular guys much sexier than those of the Satyrs (VERY “well-endowed” creatures with a goat/human appearance). Their sheer size is so ridiculously exaggerated that, far from turning me on, they actually turn me off. And the tourist shops with the Satyr statues with the genitals bobbing around (think like the toys here with the bobbing heads) are just plain tasteless.

The fact that the statues are nekkid men doesn’t impress me. The beauty and artistry of the work does, tho. I’m in awe of an artist who can take a cold, rough hunk of stone and transform it into a fluid, amazingly realistic human form. I react the same way to paintings. I suppose it’s because I’m not artistic at all - I do appreciate the talent, skill, and effort that go into these creations.

And even if they were live guys, I don’t find bits to be erotic. But if you make me laugh, I’m all a’flutter! Well, OK, a nice, tight butt will get me a little fluttery, but I’m not as much taken with physical beauty as intellect, kindness, and humor.

Note to monica: Check out a book called Night Life of the Gods by Thorne Smith, the same guy who wrote Topper. It’s pretty dated (copyright 1931) and far from politically correct, but funny and IMHO sort of sad at the same time.

There’s a bibliography of his stuff here.

Witch - heh, I knew what you meant. Image made me smile though, so thanks :wink:

Thanks to JRDelirious and to everton who also answered my question.

Everton, - I think you made an interesting point about the focus of intellectualism.

~thanks guys