Cycling Enthusiasts, Please

I am looking for an “interactive” video that will allow me to train indoors on rainy days. I am a “rails-to-trails” cyclist, and never go off-trail (unless I veer off and fall!:D)

Can you recommend such a video to me?.

I would also like to read your opinions on trainers versus rollers.



PS: I ride about a thousand miles a year right now.

I have a set of Krietler rollers and they work pretty well. Rollers take some getting used to and you have to set them up, but most folks say it is worth the effort. I can’t say since after I go them I moved to a mild climate, so if I wanna bike, I go bike. :mad: I can’t say I’ve used trainers enough to judge them.

The “getting used to it part” is the real pain with rollers. Its another style of balancing yourself. I was putting a foot down on the coffee table a few times when I was getting used to them. I’ve slipped off more times that I can count. Its harder than you think it would be.

Whatever you decide on, get a fan. Either one of the built in kind for rollers (where your pedaling runs the fan) or a big whopping window fan or somesuch. Otherwise you’ll sweat worse than an entire high-impact aerobics class.

Can’t help you on videos, I don’t know if there are even that many to choose from.

Rollers are much better for improving your balance and spin (smoothness), if you do not pedal smoothly you will fall. Rollers now can have resistance units attached so they can give they same workout as a trainer. A trainer allows you to work without thinking and no danger of falling.

The only way I know to train interactivly would be by hooking your trainer up to your computer with something like this . As far as I know most of these interactive training aids are geared towards racing, but I guess you don’t have to use them that way.

I really appreciate your input about rollers vs trainers. I may have been unclear in the OP, so please allow me to clarify:

Is there a video that shows a road/trail which has different elevations and “coaches” you in regards to gearing, cadence, etc…

Seems to me I once saw these things advertised for folks who use exercycles, which I realize is not the same thing. Also Nashbar has some training videos for sale, but I have no idea which one I should start with. (They feature Coach Troy and have really strange titles, but no descriptions).

So I hope y’all can help me a little better with this info. I just want to build my stamina and increase my mileage. I don’t wanna race.

BTW, I ride a cute little Schwinn Sierra “comfort” bike that I really enjoy!

Thanks again, Anachronism!


…Mr. Miskatonic. I didn’t mean to ignore you in my thanks. Your post was there when I finished writing my reply to Anachronism.

Thanks! :smiley:

PS: I’ll get a fan, too , but at 198, it might be good for me to sweat a little! :wink:

Quasi my .02 cents. If you’re riding a comfort bike, I’d recommend getting a trainer, the kind that you attach the rear tire to. I think rollers would be a little extreme, plus on rollers, unless you spend a significant amount of time on them, you must devote %100 attention to what you’re doing.
This site is an excellent place to find what you’re looking for. I know there are lots of training-type videos out there, including ones that simulate you riding in the peloton at the Tour de France! Let me if this helps.

…the link doesn’t work. Could you please e-mail me ?

Looks like I’ll go with a trainer!

Thanks Y’all!



You’ll sweat without the fan. The question is: Do you want the sweat to cling to you like swamp mud.

When you bike outside you change location all the time, the air is fresh and sweat gets blown off your body, (mostly)

But biking inside, your mouth moves no more than 6 inches in either direction. You literally start to breath the air you just exhaled. (Aerobics usually don’t have this problem becuase they don’t need to breath as fast a cyclist.) Add to that, a lack of circulation means that you build a very nice pocket of warm around you. You will literally start to feel like you’ve biked for days in the desert or Philly in August when in fact you’ve barely done 3 minutes. Not good.

Sorry I can’t help you on the videos, I saw one on amazon once, haven’t seen it since.

Well, you just scared the shit out of my 52 year-old ass!

Thanks for the warning, Mr. Miskatonic. You can be sure it will be heeded!