Cyclists Using Indoor Trainers

Care to share your intervals routines with me? I’m about to get a trainer myself and the guy at the bike shop says he does his intervals during commercials of his favorite TV shows. Just wondered what your routines might be.


Are you buying exercise bike, or a frame in which you mount your actual bike? There are a zillion designs of the former, and my advice is that if you get something with a cardio monitor and cadence counter, you’ll find that your routine is driven by, essentially, biofeedback. You’ll find out fairly quickly what it takes to put your heart into the preferred beating rate zone, and how long to keep it there. There’s not much aerobic benefit to spinning during 3 minute commercial breaks.

As for frames foor your real bike, there are at least three different types to get, all with different training implications.

There are:

  1. “wind” trainers, where your workload is increased as you speed up, because your pedaling operates a fan, which gets more and more difficult too push to higher and higher speeds. It is literally simulating wind resistance.
  2. Other trainers substitute permanent magnets for the fan. The magnets offer a fixed, unchanging resistance regardless of pedalling speed.
  3. And then there are simply “rollers” offering essentiallly no resistance at all. They are as much for practicing spinning technique and corect body position as they are for exercise.

I would go with rollers. They’ll really help you out in the long run. In terms of what intervals to do, I would suggest picking up a copy of Joel Friel’s The Cyclist’s Training Bible. It will allow you to develop a personal workout that will help you in training to reach your goals. You can also pick a video to watch, I normally ride to the Spinerval video set. (Kind of boring and the music is cheezy, but it’s a good work out.) But if your in GA man, get out and ride on the road!!

Thanks cykrider,

The trainer was to be for the winter months. I usually ride on a rails to trails trail called The Silver Comet, so I get out quite a bit, albeit not on the highway.

You mentioned Spinervals which one do you recommend I begin with? I average about 200 miles a month right now, and I ride a Schwinn Sierra.

Thanks for the tip on the book as well.



It will be a frame-type trainer with fan. Sorry I didn’t make that clear in the OP. I’m kinda leery about rollers, because you really can’t watch a video and concentrate while trying to train on rollers.



Since this is a survey sort of thing, I’ll move this thread to IMHO.

It’s a personal thing, but you could learn to watch videoes on rollers. It’s a matter of confidence building, and rollers are a lot more fun. It’s not like you have to watch for oncoming traffic or obstacles.

I found wind trainers to be THE most fatiguing of those I’ve tried. Of course, that probably converts to better exercise, too. And they are NOISY, so you may want headphones, which are uncomfortable when you’re working up a sweat.

So really, your best bet is rollers! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I can’t help, I didn’t stick to my wind trainer.

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