CZ-75 clones

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I haven’t shot any of the other CZ clones but have two Tanfoglio Witness pistols, one a stainless 9mm I bought about 92-93 and a wonder finish .45 ACP carry comp i got a couple of years ago. Fit and finish on the newer guns is outstanding. Pretty good on the old gun but it’s never been a good shooter, reliable but not accurate. I suspect due to a lemon barrel. TheLadyLion will be ready to graduate to center fire pistols soon and I may rebarrel it for her. It’s not too big for her hands and has enough heft to make recoil very mild.

I’d like to shoot the .45 in IDPA but unfortunately will have to ditch the compensator. it may be more cost effective for me to sell it on gunbroker and just get a plain vanilla blue Witness but I’ve got other fish to fry right now. Trigger is okay but could be better. The usual amount of creep and no hammer camming like the 9mm had before I redid the sear notch in the hammer. A friend has the power custom sear honing jig so I may do my own trigger job on it.

Padeye, you are a braver man than I. Those leetle notches and steps and such like on the trigger, sear, and hammer scare me. The only experience I have in that regard is to weld up the single action notch on a double-action revolver hammer so as to wind up with a DAO revolver. One word of caution about the high-cap magazines available for the CZ-75 clones - they are not all interchangeable. Some have the mag release cut on the opposite side of the magazine body. I have an adequate supply of these magazines, so I’m not concerned, but make sure you study the magazines that work in your EAA before you attend the next gun show with additional magazines on your shopping list. Of course, if you are proficient with a Dremel tool, it’s all good. Some of the new generation 10-round-only magazines for this platform can be a leetle persnickety, too. I have had good luck with ten-rounders from MecGar and U.S.A. Magazines, but some don’t work for spit. Is your .45ACP Witness the full-sized model with the comp? If you can do the work yourself, it might be a neat idea to reduce the length of the barrel and maybe the slide and attach the comp to the smaller top works. You’d have to shorten everything enough to fit in the box, but - wow, that would be kinda slick lookin’. Or maybe just reduce the barrel length and add ports to the slide… The rear sight selection is kinda limited because it is not in a dovetail, but a good 'smith or machinist can cut a dovetail slot in the slide for about $20 - same with the front sight. There was an after-market supplier for lots of parts for the TZ-75 and variants when it first came out, but I haven’t seen a lot of stuff for it lately. Of course, I haven’t been looking for it…

I am back home now, so I thought I’d bump this up in case someone wants to discuss the TZ-75 and variants. I’ll be getting around to looking at my reloading data in a few days - I mention that because my TZ-75 is in 9X21mm instead of 9X19mm and IIRC, some folks were interested in loading info on the 9X21.