Czarcasm and dentristry

Twickster did at one point. I think she called it “The Unpleasantness.”

I thought “The Unpleasantness” referred to the Tuba Diva kerfuffle.

“The Recent Unpleasantness,” actually. Since it’s been doggone close to a year (and, hm, the Dope seems to have survived), I guess we can drop the “recent,” though.

I vote for “The Spring of Found Discontent”

::raises hand::
Ooooh! Ooooh! Make it a poll. I’ll vote for this one! :wink:

How much brushing do those missing teeth need? :smiley:

“Winter of Our Missed Content” was one of widdershins’ ideas.

Now I’m all confused. Here I was going to report this post for an insult in ATMB, only to find out it was posted in BBQ Pit to begin with.

Do you need TP for it?

“British” is a race now? Is anything *not *a race?

The United States presidential election of 1984.

Which is exactly why I use that word as my username on a Bengals fan messageboard. It just…resonates, somehow…

Asked and answered in the linked thread.

Both questions were answered?

How can it be a racist comment if it is not referring to a race?

I looked and it wasn’t answered in the thread.

I’m assuming he meant this post.

That kinda sorta begs the question. I mean, how can a comment be racist if it is not about race? :confused:

The issue is that the word “racist” is applied in a lot of cases that aren’t directly about race, but are about some group identity bias. It bleeds into the ambiguity over what is “ethnicity”.

Is a bad stereotype about British people racism, or some other form of similar bigotry that doesn’t have a popularly recognized word?

I’m wondering this too.

Why won’t “bigotry” work? Why couldn’t he have simply said “That’s a bigoted thing to say”?

If the definition of racism has become so fuzzy that it includes “citizens of Great Britain,” then any claim of racism is necessarily equally fuzzy. It weakens the word and the concept if just any arbitrary group of people is included. Beyond meaningful use, in my opinion.