Czarcasm and dentristry



A response

My response.

A Moderator comments

It’s pointless, I know, but I’m not allowed to suggest that Czarcasm stick his head up his bunghole in any other forum.

You broke a board rule and got called on it. What’s your problem?

What the hell, you couldn’t quote the relevant portions?

I’m absolutely completely with you on the core issue, but you did insult someone outside of the Pit which ain’t done. The other response was a ‘hatin’ the sin, not the sinner’ style insult.

From what I can see Czarcasm did the right thing according to the rules of this message board. You called someone a moron outside the pit.

On the other hand. I agree that “British Teeth” in that context is offensive. However it doesn’t offend me one bit. I have crooked top-front teeth and missing rear teeth, but I brush them vigorously every day.
I don’t consider having perfect teeth to be relevant to my chances of getting a job I apply for.
(ETA: Though I just reminded myself that I tend to keep them hidden behind my lips as a matter of self consciousness when not talking)

To be honest, "bunghole"is one of those strange words that seems to capture the imagination.

“BUNGhole”, “BungHOLE”, “Bu’ngholé”


Just learn to roll your eyes at ‘British teeth’ comments. Secretly and quietly mumble away to yourself that only ‘American retards’ would say such things, and all will be well.

There’s no problem at all. I just wanted to tell the moderator to stick his head up his arse, and now I have, and in the correct forum too. It’s great, and in some small way I feel better for it, and Czarcasm remains one of the best mods we have here. It’s win win, basically.

Clicking on links is hard.

You could just as well say the same thing about searching the forum. Next time just write an OP without a link or anything!

Moved from The BBQ Pit to About This Message Board.

Nicely played, sir.

But you seem a clever, creative fellow, surely with a little more thought, and less reaction, you could have found a way to achieve your point without stepping over the line.

You did only get told to dial it back, so that’s something, anyway.

I don’t see what the issue here is.

OP stepped over the line a bit and was asked to reel it in.

No harm, no foul.

Aye, I know, elbows.

Are you also claiming you didn’t know you aren’t allow to Pit the Moderators for what they do while on duty?

Seriously, when did this rule happen? I thought I was doing the right thing commenting in the BBQ Pit. I must have done something wrong because this thread was moved to this forum, I guess.

Also “claiming”. :rolleyes:

About a year ago. There was a big to-do at the time, a lot of people got upset, the board administration said they didn’t care, a bunch of splinter boards got set up, a bunch of people left in a huff, even more people left in other things, and there was all sorts of drama.

It was more the new limitations on direct personal insults to other (non-moderator) posters in the Pit that caused the kerfluffle rather than the new rule that moderators can’t be pitted for their moderatorial actions. As I recall, anyway.

That said, there has never, in my recollection, been a time when it was OK to call a poster a “moron” outside the Pit, so the OP has no point to begin with.

Probably, but it was all done in a piece.

Didn’t they even give it a name (a la “winter of lost content”), something like “the displeasure” or something else equally vague and ridiculous?