Czarcasm has retired from moderating.

After many years of devoted service, our Chicken of Bristol is now out to pasture.

Please wish him all best as he takes some well-deserved rest.

But why? Everyone loved his moderating.

Best of luck to him. Hope he stays around as a contributor.

For real this time, or are you toying with our emotions?

Even handed, fair minded, good humored, intelligent, clever.

The very epitome of Dopedom. Hope he enjoys the time away.

To quote Al Pacino, " Just when you think you’re out they pull you back in !! "


Thanks for your years of service!

I’m still here as a poster, folks-not going anywhere.

Ah. Well, as long as we still have you to kick around…

But you won’t look nearly as dashing without the jackboots.

No jackboots, no moderator underoos-just me in all my nekkid glory.

Well, geez, now I have to shut down the Internet for the rest of the day if that’s gonna be your outfit.

That explains the chicken.

I’ll loan him some of my regular boots. I have plenty. Provided he likes high heels. :smiley:

Thanks for all that you’ve done, Czarcasm. I think you’ll find that sitting in the back of the classroom and making armpit farts can be just as rewarding as teaching. :slight_smile:

You were a good moderator… I’m glad you’re sticking around! :slight_smile:

Just going to be spending your days choking your chicken of Bristol, Czarcasm?

Pluck that.

You’d rather cross the road and get a hen job? I understand. Underneath it all, you’re a good egg.

He’s working on a Pullet Surprise.

These comments are getting a bit beaky.