Czarcasm has retired from moderating.

That’s just great.
Ten years of moderation, reduced to a yolk.

Czarcasm in these tough times how will you deal with the lost of income from the SDMB?
(Not to mention the kickbacks, bribes, and sexual favors.)

I was going to come in and say “thanks for all your hard work,” but apparently I need a pun to post.

Uh …

Guess that makes you the Bantam Menace?

Competitor moderators have been waiting for a chance to ban you. You are suddenly vulnerable.

Fortunately I get a pension-75% of the previous year’s income for life, with a bonus equivalent to my last 4 months of pay.

So is this another 6 month break or is it for real this time?

For real.

pfft - that’s chicken feed.

Thanks for your service, sir.

You shouldn’t walk around the house in bare feet. We’ve taken up a collection to present you with an honorary pair of jackbooties to keep your toesies warm.

Standing on the bridge looking out over the flight deck

Where do we find these men?

Hey, it can be a tiring, thankless job. Appreciate you handling it so well. See ya around.

What? Did it get too eggsasperating for you?
Hey, I’m new at this, give me a break.:smiley:
And thanks for your all your time and effort.:slight_smile:

Thanks for being one of the best…

Gotta say, as a poster Czarcasm tends to irritate me (at least tonally), but his moderation consistently impressed me with its even-handedness and general good calls. Cheers.

Yeah, I call fowl.

Czarcasm, thank you for keeping foxes out of the hen house, your plucky mod posts, and helping to debunk the quacks. You earned the right to duck out of all this work and enjoy your retirement package, poultry though it may be.

Thanks for your service, and have fun no longer having to watch ATMB. :wink:

Glad you’ll still be around, Czarcasm!

How long until he’s warned?

Thanks dude! It’s one of the top unappreciated jobs. :slight_smile:

I think you made the right decision.

I guess that means the yolk’s on you.