D C Comics Deathtoll

High bodycounts this year in DC Comics have inspired this thread. The purpose is to catalogue all previously seen characters that bit the dust recently. The trend seems to have kicked off with Identity Crisis, which is where I will begin, even though it was last year.

Rules : the death should look permanent; the character can’t be one we’ve just met.

The purpose is to see who shouldn’t show up later. :wink:

Identity Crisis:
Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond)
Sue Dibny
Jack Drake
Captain Boomerang

**Manhunter : **
The Monocle

Seven Soldiers (and subordinate books) :
Terry 13
Ibis the Invincible

*Day of Judgment : **
Blackbriar Thorn
(*probably - it’s possible he survived)

Batman :

Villains United:
The Fiddler

DC Countdown/OMAC Project :
Blue Beetle

And, the “Only Mostly Dead” list :
Jack Ryder/the Creeper - should be dead as per Eclipso series from early 90’s; showing up in the Superman titles.

All four of Zatanna’s deaths were pre-existing characters. Timothy Ravenwind is from Swamp Thing. (And I’m pretty sure that should be Taia. Tala’s someone else, who hasn’t appeared anywhere in 7S, I don’t think.)

There were also nearly 700 as-yet unnamed mystics killed along with Blackbriar Thorn and Black Bison (John Ravenhair, mentioned by Enchantress) in DoV - some of them will probably be revealed as pre-existing characters, before the whole of the Crisis resolves.

Deadshot killed off a bunch of Z-list cutthroats in the last issue of his recent mini, let’s see:
Some Vampire (Shrek?)
And a bunch of others, but some of them have been dead before (Deadline), and quite a few of them went up in the last explosion that Floyd himself survived.

The Question



Miss Misery
Veronica St. James

Sleeper’s not DCU continuity - guess I should have been a bit more specific. Psychopomp? Who?

Didn’t know Timothy Ravenwind … I’ll re-check my copy of Zatanna, I guess, I thought for certain they said Tala.

Black Bison makes it to the list - had forgotten him.

Nevermind. I had read a web site - which, as expected, I can’t find now - that indicated he was an older character resurrected for the miniseries, but when even the DCU Guide doesn’t list him, either he’s ridiculously minor or the web site was mistaken.

Hey, he might be. As unlikely as it may seem, there are a few characters out there I haven’t heard of. :wink:

Update for last week - slipped my mind. The only DCU deaths leaping to mind are those of the last three Darkstars, including Collin Ferros, in the Adam Strange miniseries.

As far as I know, all we see this week by way of a deathtoll is a former Manhunter agent.

As of DoV #3, we know Blackbriar Thorn survived.

Spectre’s kinda sucky at this…

Creeper was revived in his own series a few years ago.

The only time I ever saw the word “Psychopomp” before was in a Sandman story…I believe it was the story told by Cluracan at the Inn at World’s End, which would make it issue # 52. However, I highly doubt that that character would have made a recent appearance in any DCU comics.

Is Bolt dead (from having been shot in IC # 1)? Or was he just injured?

Injurred. He was in the hospital in Teen Titans after IC. The same person who hired him originally hired Electrocutioner to finish the job. EC didn’t kill Bolt, but suggested he’d hurt him a lot of he didn’t give up the suit’s location.

How about Deadman?

(Sure, being dead is his whole schtick, but’cha never said zombies didn’t count!)

Deadman was killed years ago. Doesn’t count for this thread’s purpose.

However, we can add another Manhunter to the list of this year’s fallen. And one of the “Parasite Twins” in the latest Adventures of Superman.