D&D online game question purchased adventure addons

Soon I will have enough Turbine points points to buy additional adventures. Does the purchased adventure pack only apply to one character, any character I have on a single server, or every character I have on each server. I’m looking for somebody that has purchased one and can tell me from experience.

I’ll see if this gets answered now that we’re back to a busy weekday.

Yes, purchasing an adventure pack with turbine points applies to all your characters on all servers.

Which one do you have your eye on? I’m getting close to around 350 turbine points, which to my understanding should be enough to get one of the lower level packs.

Malrokin thanks for the answer. It makes a difference as to how I will spend points.

Captain_C i really don’t know what I will get. It will be one of the low level packs. I still have to to get a few more points, but that’s doable. It’s time to run a couple more new characters through certain adventures that will get me 25 points for each character.

From my limited experience the past few weeks I’m having trouble finding new quests to level on between levels 5-7. Isn’t Booty Bay or the Coin Lords set for those levels? Those might be good shots.

Whatever you end up with let us know what you think, and if you would recommend picking up the one you chose or something else.

I’m currently at 250 points so the Coin Lords is another 100 points. I believe that one is all level 4 quests. It will likely be be a few days before I get an add on. I might save for a higher priced one too.

I haven’t played since the game went micropay but this thread made me look up the adventure pack list to see what’s what.

For low level quests I’d suggest Shan to kor, Tangleroot, or Delera’s. The lists don’t say explicitly what quests are in each pack but I can make a pretty good guess.

STK has 4 quests. 3 main quests and a side quest that you can access from within part 2 of the main series. It’s great fast exp, back before you had to buy your quests it was pretty much the first thing everyone did once they got out of the harbour. The main series is about an hour and most groups skip the sidequest. It’s fairly easy but with a couple of tricky spots. Most groups will require a rogue to get past the traps, though they’re all avoidable by a competent player with a decent jump stat. The end rewards aren’t any better than the Waterworks for the most part but many of them don’t bind when you get them for some strange reason and have no level requirement making them great hand-me-downs to any new characters you make. Especially the goggles(+4 reflex) and hat(+2int). It’s probably not something most players are going to want to solo though. The boss at the end is pretty tough.

Tangleroot is quite long either 7 or 9 parts depending on how you count it. With the quest levels ranging from 3 to… uh 7 I think, not 100% on that. They do all involve running through the same instance though so it can be a touch on the repetitive side. It is unusually easy to solo for a mid range quest. A good melee character can solo it at level 4 with the proper preparations. Most pugs want to zerg this quest since it’s so long and it can be zerged in about 30 mins with a haster and a good group. Playing through with a more thorough group it’s probably a good 1.5 to 2 hours. Though it’s been a while and I usually zerg through so I may be overestimating that. It’s not as much fun as STK but the XP is great, it gives very useful Phiarlan favour, and the end rewards are excellent. A lot of +3 stat items and some goggles that cast deathward 1nce per day. Nearly any self sufficient player that isn’t playing a cleric or paladin will want multiple pairs of those goggles later in the game.

Delera’s is a four parter, I *think *anyway. The listing doesn’t say which quests are in the pack but claims it’s for characters leveled 5-11. If it’s the quest line players call Delera’s it should rightly be 5-8 so I can only assume they’ve bundled in one or more of the other graveyard quests, probably And the Dead Shall Rise if so. But ddo’s site doesn’t give me any way to see for sure so I’ll just talk about the Delera’s series. First of all the narration is voiced by Gygax himself and his voice is like really nasally annoying. The quest is, of course, all undead which can be rather annoying. If you are a melee/bow character it’s best not to come here unless you have a weapon with Holy or Pure Good enchantments or made of Flametouched Iron as there are skeletons that have dr10/good in this quest. One of the NPCs will give you a club that does “good” typed damage but it’s not very good and is incompatible with weapon finesse. The series as a whole isn’t one I’ve ever much liked but it was very popular when I played, and I’d bet still is. How long it takes varies wildly starting at around 20 minutes for a good zerg team and reaching up to probably 2 hours for a completionist team. The big problem is that there’re these archers that have a truckload of HP for no good reason. They don’t follow you from room to room though so if your team has the wherewithal to just leave them alone the quests can be fun and fast. If your team decides they have to kill them all it gets very tedious. At any rate the XP is some of the best you’ll find at this level and it has some very good rewards. Including a trinket, min lvl5, that increases all the XP you get from quest completions so long as it’s equipped when the quest is finished. A necklace that grants a +3 use magic device bonus. And the best low/mid-level greataxe in the game. Oh and if you are a caster don’t charm the undead a very great many rooms have doors that don’t open until all the enemies are dead so charming will get you much hatred from your team mates.

I’d suggest getting Tangleroot first then head for Deleras or even Sorrowdusk Isle if you’re getting up in levels. It’s not as fun as STK but it has more staying power due to it’s higher quest levels(for the later parts anyway).

So many of the quests you have to buy were the default goto quests for players though. I can hardly imagine playing the game without access to almost all of them. Although I find it hilarious that they’re trying to charge for the Catacombs… No one ever liked those quests. Terrible XP, the quests took forever, largely useless end rewards, the enemy mixtures were infuriating, undead + oozes? You had to switch weapon sets every twenty seconds. And then they went and changed all the oozes to the only thing more annoying than oozes: bats. Hah.