D2 Coin for Age of Aether

Hello everyone!

Ever have trouble determining how to roll a 2-sided die? Forget whether heads or tails was worth two, or if your d6 was supposed to be highs and lows or evens and odds? Avoid confusion and those annoying re-rolls with the Age of Aether d2!

This May, I finished Age of Aether, the historical steampunk fantasy tabletop RPG. The game uses a step-die system, where bonuses and penalties give you larger or smaller dice to roll instead of adding a static modifier to the roll. This includes 2-sided dice. I tried to find some nice d2s to let my players borrow when I run a game, but couldn’t find any online that I liked. So, I made my own!

The coin is 1" in diameter, similar to a thick quarter, large enough to flip but small enough to shake with a handful of other dice. The design is inspired by 18th-century coins, and made of solid metal, with various platings coming available depending on how well the kickstarter gets funded.

So come check out the kickstarter! I hope to see you there.

For more information, check out the Age of Aether website here! Or ask me questions! I’d love to hear from you.