Da Ali G show

Caught this on HBO the last two fridays, and this show is just hilarious. Anyone else find this as amusing as I do? I really hope this show stays on the air - this guy is a genius.


I saw it and loved it. Brent Scowcroft, of all people, was really a hoot.

I don’t know if many Americans will get it, but a lot more of us do than the Brits might think.

Of course, a lot of the guys he’s talking to are international travellers, like Boutros Ghali, and are probably in on the joke. Don’t know if Sacha knows that they are or not when he talks to them.

Ali G just annoyes me, but loads of people seem to think he’s hilarious, although some of his interviews with unsuspecting celebs are a hoot … Wouldn’t think American’s would “get” the whole Ali G thing

Seeing as the main teenage population of America and Canada are ‘wiggers’ and Ali G lampoons Wiggers I don’t see why it would be hard to understand.

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I think he is wonderful. I saw some of his older stuff on television in England a few years ago. I especially liked it when he interview an Economics Nobel Prize winner.

The interviews are gold, everything else is meh.

When the Ali G first came out in England (I remember years ago watching the pilot episode of the 11’O clock show) he was the funniest thing on tv by a long way, innit.

He’s still quite funny, but I don’t see how people in the USwill understand that Sacha Baron Cohen (who is Jewish himself) is playing a British-Asian pretending to be black (though I was mystified that anyone outside Berkshire got his reference to the John Nike leisure centre).

The best episode of all time was when he was talking to a Northern Irish republican and asked

Ali G:“what does Craic mean to the Irish?”

Women: “In Ireland the “Craic” means having a good time”

Ali G: “For real! but there’s also a down side, on me estate when people take it they get violent.”

I’d like to think my fellow americans are clever and humorous enough to see the humor in this show; but if it ends up going off the air due to poor ratings, my presumption will go out the window and it will be a sad day indeed.

I agree. Saw it for the first time this weekend. Liked the imterviews, but hated the part where the whole point is to make average people uncomfortable. That’s Tom Green territory. Picking on politicians and celebrities is OK, but the rest isn’t funny.

I’ve been an Ali G fan for a while, and my favorite is when he does the panels to talk about some issue and just confuses and angers the panelists. Cracks me up, I say.

My other favorite was the episode when he came to America, did that interview with the FBI guy (F.B… Aiiiiiii) and then went on some awful day time talk show and got the crowd shouting and cheering. Sure it was making fun of Americans, but GODS it was funny.


I agree. Interviews good, everything else, meh. I went to England in the beginning of Ali G-mania, everyone saying ‘innit’ all the time, and I never got it. They told me I would, eventually, but I never did.

Yes! Yes! Oh, god, yes! There was also the segment where Ali was talking to some FBAiii official about illegal weapons and started asking him how much they would fetch on the streets…

Oooh, and he also interviewed the Beckhams for Comic Relief…

Mind you, the Ali G movie was a complete waste of time. I can’t believe I spent two hours of my life on that. To me, the whole point of the character is that he interacts with people who don’t quite understand that he’s a parody.

I just saw the first US ep of Da Ali G show, and I have to say it got me laughing a bunch of times, and I love that jungle track they were using as background between clips. Good stuff.

Borat’s dating thing was hilarious… plow experience… heh.