Did anyone see the Ali G show on HBO?

This was great, one of the best comedies i have seen in a long time. if you have a certain sense of humor that is.

I guess I must not have that certain sense of humor then, and I’ll laugh at just about anything.

Is this “Look at me, I’m so stupid, I’m acting like an African American but I’ve got light skin and an English accent!” thing all this guy does? Becuase I think “Ali G” is right up there with Pauley Shore’s “Dude” and Andrew Dice Clay’s “Diceman” as one of the most annoying characters in stand-up history.

Pauly shore has no substance to his humor, its just him showing up.

Ali G plays on peoples naiveness about how he is manipulating them by acting awkward, which makes him hilarious. He is right up there with Tom Green.

Oh, I totally agree with you there.
Hint: I also think Tom Green sucks.

Some like country, some like rock and roll. My brother finds Touchtone Terrorist prank calls annoying but i love them. He finds british humor hilarious but i find it juvenile.

So, you find British humor “juvenile” but think Tom Green and Ali G are hilarious?

My eyebrow doesn’t go high enough to properly respond to that statement.

I am not one of the “hardcore” fans, but I have seen a few episodes ages ago. The fun has worn off in the later series however, as what I found fun was the way people reacted to him when they didn’t know he was a comedian. Now everyone knows who Ali G is.

When he had the various politicians in discussing drugs for “a program for young people”, I swear to god, I thought I would wet myself. Seeing them trying to respond in ways that would appeal to the “minority youth sector” or whatever, gawd it was killer. It is also fascinating to watch people react to his “foreign correspondant”, the fox hunters or polo players or whatever it was was just stunning. Anita Roddick (Body Shop), however, turned the tables on him entirely :slight_smile:

When he first appeared on British televisions, oh god, my life was miserable. Kids at school acting like him, I wanted to scream and I think I may have done on several occasions, he is a waste of television time, time that could be used showing Red Dwarf :slight_smile:

It was ok. Tom Green without the absolute craziness.

Bill Maher’s new show was better.

The genius of Ali G lies not in his trappings (the ghettospeak, the gold, the exaggerated movements, the “look,”), but in the way he interviews real people about real issues, presenting himself as a complete thick-headed moron, but yet managing always to get people riled up about certain subjects. Sometimes he even manages to expose fairly well-known people for the idiots they really are, through goading and careful satiric subterfuge. I stand by it… the man’s a genius. Just don’t take him at face value. He’s taken at face value by most of the people he interviews, and look where it gets them.

For me, face value is I don’t find him in the least bit entertaining.

Unfortunately, taking him at face value isn’t gonna get me that half-hour of my life back . . .

Well, that’s always the gamble, I guess. To each his own, then. Let it not be said I didn’t try. :slight_smile:

I was with you, but then I see this

Huh ?

You’re a bit ill-informed. He doesn’t act like an “African American”. He acts like what is known as a “wigga” - i.e. a white English kid who wants to be a “nigga with attitude”. That is what he’s mocking. Allegedly the character is based on the DJ Seb Fontaine (you have to hear this guy interviewed to realise the full horror of his pretension).

The joke is that Ali G wants to be a black American, but he’s failing miserably. The character comes from Staines, a totally lame town in the south of England, and the actor (Sacha Baron Cohen) is Jewish. This is the joke.

There are so many specific cultural references in it that I’m not surprised that non-English people don’t get it.

I make no apologies for my tastes in humor to anyone.

you like the teenage mutant ninja turtles. I like Ali G and tom green. I guess our tastes are very different.

thank you jjimm.
how did i know some body wasn’t going to “get” Ali G in the US?

My absolute favourite was when he came to Northern Ireland and asked dear old Sammy Wilson if he’d ever marry a Catholic girl.

Sammy says no.

Ali G says “even if she was well fit?”
Sammy again declines.
Ali G " what if she had her own car?"


sadlyAli G spawned the movie and that bloody song.

I don’t even have to know who exactly Sammy Wilson is to think that’s pretty funny. I can picture it in my head.

Who IS this Wilson guy, anyway? A politician of some note, I presume?

I thought it was hilarious. The Dick Thornburgh interview was so funny!

“What if it was your Nan?”

Yeah, I understand what a “wigga” is. Doesn’t make it funny. Jamie Kennedy has a movie coming out in which he plays a “wigga”. That doesn’t look funny either.