DAB radio woes - any tips? (UK)

I have this DAB radio in my stereo that resolutely refuses to tune in to stations - says no signal. Thing is, I have another, portable, DAB radio that tunes in perfectly when sat on top of the stereo. I’m actually listening to radio 5 from the portable through the stereo speakers, which should have a DAB radio of it’s own. What could be causing this lack of tuning? Is there some equivalent to an antenna that needs looking at?

Can you receive standard FM broadcasts on the stereo? From what I understand, DAB and FM use the same antenna. Was there an odd wire in the cabling packet? It may be just a narrow, single wire with a small nub on the end that fits on the center of the coaxial jack on the back of your stereo.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. Mine has a slot for the usual FM wire and a completely separate slot for the DAB one. Both the slots and the antennae appear identical, but there are different places to plug them in.

Good luck with the stereo. I have 3 portables. The first couldn’t seem to receive anywhere except right next to one window where it was extremely inconvenient to use. The other two aren’t as picky. Seeing as on these portables I could tell a difference in sound quality between FM and DAB, I stopped thinking about a DAB stereo. Besides, all I listen to on DAB is the bird call channel.

Doing a little Googling got me this gem about DAB in Singapore. It may be applicable here. This link discusses radio antennae in nerdy detail. Speaking of nerds, here are some arguing about DAB’s sound quality and reception.

Hey, thanks all for the replies. I tried to get to the bottom of things by lugging the stereo around the house at the weekend and it actually works OK in some locations, good enough for sports commentary. So it seems that I’ve just got patchy coverage - thks for the tips.