Dabbit! My stubid dose!!!!

the following is written in allergy-speak for maximum effectiveness

I’be hab allergies since I was a baby. I’be been sneezig all day. I toog a “24-hour allergy relief” pill this mornig. You thig id helbed? I dode wad to no what I’d be lige right now if I hadn’t of tagen it. Medicides hardly helb me. Shots helb a bid but wadever’s in the air right now is causig me misery.

I jud had a sneezig fid - aboud 20 time in a row. My eyes are puffy, my throad is raw, my dose is lige a tap you cad shud off. I cad eben sleeb 'cause ebery time I lie dowd, by dose blugs up ad I cad breed. Why cad I jud enjoy summer? Dabbit all!!! :mad:

That was surprisingly coherent.

I know what you mean Amazon Floozy Goddess I suffer from hay fever so all summer i have to contend with sneezing, itchy eyes and runny nose. Not much fun.

I find very few of the off the shelf anti histamines actually have any effect. Almost all that claim to be non drowsy are innefectual. The only tablet that gives any relief is Piriton, which unfortunately makes me drowsy, but it’s worth it to get through the day.

Roll on the winter I say. Then I’ll only have to worry about getting a cold, but at least my body can shake them off.

You have my sympathy, I wouldnt’ wish allergies onto anyone (well that’s not strictly true, but no-one I know anyway)

Poor boodles, I don’t suppose you’ve got air conditioning up in Ontario? Closing up the house and cranking the a/c, plus whatever that OTC stuff that’s not benedryl (does it give anyone else nightmares?), is what I did this year. Get you some of those lotiony tissues and maybe put some chapstick on your nose. It sounds weird but it helps with the chapping. Maybe a cool washcloth for your eyes?

Or rum. Lots of rum. Then you just won’t care.

I guess I’m lucky. I’m only troubled with severe allergies the first 12 months of the year. And then only on days that have a “Y” in the name of the day.

I only get it for a week or so every year, but that week started yesterday afternoon and I feel like crap.


(/allergy-speak off)

Finally, sweet relief. I was able to get my shot today and boy did that ever help.

I have the blessing of A/C, thank Og. Unfortunately we have a giant patio door that Mr. AFG has to open several times a day to go out to smoke, so who knows what kind of spores and shit are floating in when he does. I’m pretty sure that the birch and elm trees are pollinating right now, because it’s those trees that I’m allergic to, and I only got my tree and grass serum today. Grass doesn’t seem to bother me nearly as much.

But yeah, this morning I was such a mess everyone at work thought I had the flu. I’m very glad to finally go 5 minutes without having to blow my nose.

It’s probably the Pit – full of dust. MPSIMS is cleaner, not to mention better-smelling.

I took the sawzall to the white birch in our back yard, and around the same time, our older cat died. Since then, life has been much easier.