Dabbs Greer - longtime character actor dies at age 90

Just about everyone knows Dabbs Greer. He probably made guest appearances on a couple of hundred television shows.
Going way back he was in the very first Superman television episode. (He also appeared on that show 2 more times after that).
He certainly had a long career.
Just last night, he was on cable TV in that cinematic epic “It - The Terror From Beyond Space”.
He will be missed.

I remember him as Reverend Alden on Little House on the Prairie. And Og forgive me, I didn’t know he was still alive. :o

I thought I heard on the radio he died with no family. Anyone confirm that?

I didn’t know him by name but after seeing his picture, gosh yes. Always played the kindly sort, a likable fellow. His body of work was remarkable.

Thanks for the mention. Next time I see him in reruns, it’ll be with a bit of melancholy.

:smack: Sorry folks - it’s courteous for the OP to put a link into such a posting:

And ivylass, the article states “Greer never married and had no survivors”. Wow you’d think somebody would at least have a cousin or a niece or somebody.

I’ll remember him best from his numerous appearances on Perry Mason.

Equally adept at playing the kind old guy, or the devious sonofabitch (see “The Inheritors” from the old “Outer Limits” for the latter).

Great actor.

Sir Rhosis

I guess he finally made it to the end of the Green Mile. :frowning:

He’s been in umpteen movies/TV shows, but he’ll always be Walnut Grove’s gentle and benevolent preacher to me!