Dad accidentally films his wife with his teenage son

So that’s how it is in their family…” [/Ed Rooney]
A TASMANIAN man set up a video camera to capture paranormal activity instead filmed his partner engaging in a sexual relationship with his teenage son, a court has heard.
Reminds me of one of my favorite Tom Lehrer songs:smiley:

Here’s a win for you cyclists out there…

Boy, next family dinner’s gonna be awkward…

Okay, it took a read or two through but what is apparent is the wife is not the mother. She is 28 and the boy is 16.

So it does take the whole thing down a couple notches from incredible scandal to interesting day in the trailer park.

Lick father, lick son.

“Hi! We think you should be getting driving lessons some time.”
“Sweet! When?”
“Maybe the month after next. Better fill out the forms for your licence, I’ll drop them in the mail tomorrow.”
“OK, soon as I finish this level.”
“Heh. Grand Theft Auto. Don’t you think you’ll be driving like that, now!”
“Heh. All right, I’m done.”
… “So, you want to fuck or what?”

Why, that little Devil!

Looks like a typo: that should be abnormal activity.

Well, that explains the moaning sounds…

Maybe the wife and or son was a para tropper?

Am I the only poster here who doesn’t find this funny? What if the genders were reversed?

Did you read the article? She’s been arrested.

Because it wasn’t para legal?

Yeah, she’s been arrested! NOW do you find it funny, nearwildheaven?

You can’t blame the guy for being suspicious, there were all manner of inexplicable phenomena. Beds squeaking, furniture banging against walls, unearthly moans, his wife’s undergarments strewn about. All your classic ghost warning signs.

Maybe he suspected a succubus for the rest of us.

He son did look pretty drained.

Seems like it, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

relationships between a stepparent and a teen are often hard.

Well, his hands were at 10 and 2.

Quite a penetrating observation there.

And to think I had to learn to drive on my own.