Dad accidentally films his wife with his teenage son

He had to pay her $70 first, but got it back afterwards when he smacked her with a baseball bat.

Dad was suspicious when he found out that all the driving lessons were going on in the back seat of the car…

Women make the best back seat drivers. The sooner a young man learns that the happier he will be.

Why the hell wasn’t I seduced by a hot 28-year-old when I was 16? :mad:

Man, This is the dope? But, that’s the sort of thing I see on my other favorite web site.
Worlds are colliding.

Arfff… heh heh heh…> Insert obligitory Tasmanian joke here <

In AUS jokes, Tasmania is like backwoods western Virginia…

This cannot stand. It is West Virginia you are looking for in this analogy, not western Virginia, goddamnit. I’m from western Virginia, and there is a world of difference from WEST VIRGINIA.

Okay. some parts are pretty close, but damn it, we still have West Virginia to look down on. :D:D:D

She just had to be in one of the only two states in Australia where the age of consent isn’t 16 (ditto for the territories).

Still, some of the other states and territories ammend the age of consent to 18 if the younger person is “under the care of the offender”, so it seems like she could be charged in most of the country.

I wondered how long she had been married to the father since it certainly makes a difference (though not a legal difference) in just how much of a parental role she’s taken in her stepson’s life. From another article linked from the article from the OP:

So, she’s been in her stepson’s life since he was 5 and she is the mother of his half-sibling. I’d call that pretty darn close to “sex with mom”.

I wonder how old the father is. If she’s 28 and they’ve been together for 11 years, then they started up their relationship when she was 17- only a year older than the son is now (though he may have been much closer to her in age and, well, presumably he wasn’t her stepfather- I’m just musing on the interesting tidbits of the story, not equating one relationship with the other).

If the roles were reversed this thread would be full of Dio-esque fire and brimstone calling for the 28 year old rapist to have his balls cut off. There would be jokes, but absolutely nobody would be making penetration jokes about a 16 year old girl. I also suspect the mods would be circling like hawks looking for misogynistic comments to moderate. Hope that answers your question.

But when did he first spectre?

True, but his braking needs a Lot of work…

Because when you’re 16, 28 is old.

Yup, it’s incest in a technical sense if not the actual legal sense.

Even worse - was that the start of the sexual relationship or has this actually been going on a lot longer? Ugh.

Everything’s relative.

Funny, this isn’t “The Sound of Music” song that I remember… :dubious:

“I am sixteen coming in twenty-eight…”

What are the “legal reasons” that she cannot be named?

Presumably because that would also identify the 16 year old victim.

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When Dad’s away, Mom says “Hey-let’s play” and
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Everyone’s relatives in this case. :eek:

Well, yeah. Penetrating a 16-year-old girl is worse than penetrating a 28-year-old woman. As for the rest, I’m not so sure, since the girl would be 16, which is past the age of consent in the majority of the world (and the U.S.).

Yeah, there’s hypocrisy, but it applies society at large. No one cared when my cousin was raped (with help from my aunt) by an older woman. He still even has to pay child support.