Daddy does daughter, DNA determination damning

No nasty jokes about citizens of various states here. This fellow and his daughter got married.

Now the question for Miss Manners: what to do when Father’s Day and our Anniversary get all mixed up together? :smack:

Who’s your Daddy? :eek:

There’s a pretty big skeeve factor here, but since she’s 18, I am of the reluctant opinion that it’s nobody’s business what consenting adults do with each other, related or not. It’s still pretty creepy.

What really bothers me is this.

Incest and an alligator!?!? Thank god this monster has been brought to justice.

…next on Lifetime…TV for women…

Very skeevy, yes, but it brings up an interesting legal question. Since the girl was adopted by her mother’s father, does that mean the biological father is not her father legally anymore? If so, can it still be incest?

If I were defending this man, I would certainly be preparing a brief that cites Lawrence v. Texas for the proposition that Weirddave enunciates above.

All alliteration allows all-encompassing allegations, although alligators always allay alarm.


And yet when others cite Lawrence in support of SSM, you dash back to “let the states decide.” Gotta love your consistency…

No, it was incest and “a alligator”.

Ya, gotta get the local flavour just right or it loses its effect

Nobody else thinks it’s odd that as long as your alligator is under 5 feet it’s a-okay?

Actually, I think the point was that Lawrence v. Texas to all appearances permits anything, and Bricker wants to see exactly how far the applicability of that decision goes. To be fair, from the outset people have maintained that that decision opened up the door for something like this, and this sounds like it would be a disgusting but interesting test case.

Bizarre! That he had custody of her really raises flags. Although I have to say that I also disagree with anti-incest laws. It just seems really odd to outlaw a specific type of really intimate touching between consenting adults. And just because something could be used in an illegal way doesn’t mean all used of that something should be illegal. It’s a tough call to figure out how willing and accepting she was though. What if they didn’t know? Could they still be fined?
My mother was adopted as an infant through a Catholic charity. Her family didn’t know who her biological family were. She went to the same highschool as her brothers. Grew up only blocks from them. As it happens they never met but they did share some friends but there wasn’t really anything to keep something from happening, just luck thank God!

Knowing that, I wouldn’t be too surprised if there’s a brother-husband/sister-wife out there who just don’t know it. Heh, straight out of Moll Flanders. I’ve always wondered what real people would do when they found out stuff like that?

What, no pictures? How are we supposed to know whether she’s hot?

I’d rather see the alligator!

Like Airman said, it looks more like he’s testing the consistency of the Lawrence ruling.

Did you have fun dragging your petty grudge into this thread?

There was a case not too many years ago of a brother and sister who at very early ages had been removed from an abusive family, adopted by different families, and met again as adults. Having no memory of one another, they fell in love, married, and had children. When they discovered that they were in fact biological siblings, all hell broke loose.

I wish I could remember the details, but IIRC they were ordered by the court to cease living together or they would be charged with incest, and their kids would be taken away so that said kids would not be living in an incestuous environment. A tragedy on an operatic scale.

I’d google for the whole story, but I’m afraid of what would come up were I to type “brother sister incest marriage” into a search engine.

I’ve always had a problem with incest being illegal. Child abuse, of course, is naturally abhorrent to me (though the cutoff age of 18 is another story) but incest is, I think, harmless, and though I can see why for many people it’s a bit skeevy, I can’t see why it should be illegal.

But then, I can’t see why gay marriage should be illegal. Or consensual bigamy/polygamy.

Count me in with the “incest is a victimless crime”.

I am not a fan of older man/younger woman relationships (in fact, they seriously skeeve me out big time), but what consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business.

So who gave her away at the wedding?

Why, the alligator, of course! :stuck_out_tongue: