Father and Daughter have their own child

Wrong - repulsive - sickening. Or that could just be my reaction. The pair of you should be locked up. What a head fuck for the kids involved.


Why judge these people? Different strokes for different folks.

Well, this is the first thing I thought of.

Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my daughter.
[Gittes slaps Evelyn]
Jake Gittes: I said I want the truth!
Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my sister…
Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my daughter…
Evelyn Mulwray: My sister, my daughter.
[More slaps]
Jake Gittes: I said I want the truth!
Evelyn Mulwray: She’s my sister AND my daughter!

From the article: "Jenny was 31 when she first met her father, but just two weeks later the pair had sex. " That explains why the incest taboo didn’t take hold. Still creepy though.

There’s a strong family resemblance there. Maybe they’re both narcissists, getting the chance of a lifetime.

Why am I thinking DNFTT when reading your response.

Usually I don’t mind RO threads, but…c’mon. This is weak. Save the approbation for people who strangle their babies or kill classmates.

Are they harming you somehow? Let them alone.

I’d worry a bit on the behalf of the child’s genetics. There’s a good chance she might catch some of the recessive genes the parents have been carrying.

Otherwise… well, they’re both consenting adults.

Until what they do behind closed doors affects you… I don’t see any room for a claim.

I think some may be able to work from the genetic defect/burden to society angle, but then you raise all sorts of other issues - like should other unwell people be allowed to procreate?

It’s a taboo. But… logically, it’s hard to explain why people get all bothered.

Wow,seriously, how hard up must you be for affection in order to glom onto your FATHER in a sexual way? That poor woman :frowning: I feel sorry for her. The father should rot in hell.

Why do you assume that he’s the asshole? If anything, the article suggests that it was the daughter who took the initiative.

It’s creepy, but I suppose it’s better since she never actually grew up with him as a father. Other than biologically, it’s not like he’s really a father figure to her.

I always said Mt Gambier was full of in-breds. :wink:

Genetic Sexual Attraction is apparently quite common in situations where family members have been separated since early childhood & grown apart (like adoptions etc.). It’s very intense bonding “love” that gets mistaken for & migrates into lust after a while if not addressed.

I’m of two minds here, really. There’s the instinctive “eww” factor. But then there’s the fact that it’s not like he had molested her as a child & this is some sort of weird stockholme’s syndrome rearing it’s head. She was an adult when she met him for more or less the first time & as such fell in love with him from there. They’re consenting adults, they are free to do what they want so long as it doesn’t contravene the laws of our land.

But it does contravene the laws of our land. Incest is not just taboo in Australia, it is actually illegal. Whether that’s right or wrong is another debate, but it currently is illegal & by going public, they’ve opened themselves up for that scrutiny.

Then there’s the fact that this child is not their first. Apparently their first child died soon after birth from a congenital heart defect that is common in children of incest. And there’s many behaviour and mental defects that can show up in children of incest. Their daughter looks healthy now, but what’s the ramifications later in life?

I also see a parallel here with the “S&M mom” who posted a thread about her lifestyle and was subsequently pitted for it. Their bio daughter as well as the woman’s kids from another relationship are now known worldwide as the children of an incestuous couple. These adults are putting their own wants ahead of the children’s needs. I can’t see that a sexual relationship between your grandfather and your mother is going to be one that’s easy to explain to young children. Then there’s the fact that they ARE going to be teased and bullied about this. There’s no maybe about it. Even if they move and go incognito, it will get found out and there will be social issues for the children.

In the end, my view on it is this - if they want to have a sexual relationship, and it’s not due to some action he’s taken against her as a child, then what they do behind closed doors is their business. HOWEVER once they try to bring children into the mix, it becomes harmful for those children and that’s where lines need to start being drawn.

Maybe because it’s impossible for anybody to have an unpopular opinion here without being accused of being a troll?

How did this come to light?

I’m with the other posters who have pointed out that the problem with this relationship isn’t so much the sex - it’s that they’re stacking the genetic cards against any children they have. They’ve already lost one child to such genetic defects, and still kept trying to have children. That’s what gets me upset.

It’s one thing when two unrelated people have a child with fatal birth defects - there are times that the genetics just don’t work out. But when talking about parent/child matches, or sibling matches, AIUI the odds are that much worse, that it becomes a real concern.

Take the incest issue out of it: If someone is told that they have a significantly increased chance of dangerous birth defects if they keep trying to have children with their chosen spouse - at what point is the risk too great to continue having organic children?

My gut reaction is that this degree of consanguinity is on the wrong side of that equation.

I try to align myselves towards the “it’s mutual and adult so anything goes” line, but I have to draw the line at incest. There’s just something about crossing the parent-child and lover lines of relationships that doesn’t seem healthy.

The court intervening and forcing them to seperate is not the way to make things better though IMO. Geez, what a mess.

I am outraged on behalf of their child. The act itself of incest is illegal in Australia, consenting adults or not. They’ve exposed three children to bullying and outrage and for no good reason I can work out unless they were paid for the interview. I pitted them because of how they’ve treated these children, not essentially for their own relationship. For Two and Half Inches to say what was said smacks of an inflamatory remark deliberately posted to evoke a heated response. Hence my comment.