daddy Nurser

You can buy this thing! I saw the book mentioned a while back and knew it was a joke, but then when a friend’s first baby was due, me and some buddies threw him an “anti-baby shower” – you know, dork gifts like beer drinking hats, dirty magazines, ear plugs, etc. Except one guy bought him one of these Daddy Nurser things. At first we all thought it was a joke, but in looking it over, we realized the thing would technically work. Pretty good quality worksmanship, including padded straps for comfort, removable “breasts” for easy cleaning, replacable nipples (used the Pur bottle nipple, as I recall). It wasn’t actually called a Daddy Nurser, but after all the beer (plus, it was over a year ago), its actual name has fled my mind.

Weird, but true!

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Is there any mammal species in which the males breastfeed the young? (23-Nov-1984)

Did the Japanese rip off Slug Signorino? (01-Mar-1996)

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On male mammals suckling young, that is.
Jared Diamond details the evolution of nursing, and the times when guys did it, and the species where guys still do it in his book “Why is Sex Fun”? (catchy title?)

This link:
Discusses the book, and lists the Dyak Fruit Bat as a current mammalian species that still does it.
However, I’m almost postitive the book lists more extinct species that did the same, and suggests that in the human lineage, this ability may have appeared and disappeared as male investment in a child changed…