Daft rock lyrics

Rock music lyrics can be sublime or banal, or somewhere inbetween.

These, from Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘Astronomy’ definitely fall into the ‘huh?’ category:

Come Susie dear, let’s take a walk
Just out there upon the beach
I know you’ll soon be married
And you’ll want to know where winds come from.

Why? Why would she want to know? Is it in the marriage vows? Is her husband to be an avid consumer of baked beans?

What’s your weirdest lyrics?

Well, continuing in the “astronomy” vein, how about Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”:

Lime and limpid green
a second scene,
A fight between the blue
you once knew.
Floating down the sound resounds
Around the icy waters underground.

(And it just gets weirder from there.)

Love the song though.

Whenever I think of this topic, I always think of the Foo Fighters classic “This is a Call.” As far as I can tell, Dave Grohl was trying to write nonsense. I say that as a fan of the band & of this song.

fingernails are pretty
fingernails are good
seems that all they ever wanted was a marking

them balloons are pretty big
and say they should
ever fall to ground
call the magic marker

My go-to nonsense lyrics are always Yes’ “Close to the Edge”

Dammit, you beat me to it.

And btw, if you’ve never had your liver rearranged, then don’t knock it.

I don’t know how you top Donovan from his classic, “There is a Mountain”:

That’s just a quote of an old Zen koan, isn’t it?

Yes it is. Although for me, it doesn’t make it any less daft. Possibly if I were to experience kensho, then, well . . . .

This bit always bugs me in the Moonglows’ Ten Commandments of Love:

Ouch. That’s the genitive, fellas. You’re looking for the nominative, “Thou.”

The Morse Code of Love has been covered a number of times, but nobody has managed to fix this problem:

In the context it’s likely that this supposed to mean “I am no longer not a one-woman man.” But the opposite is what is actually stated.

Just part of Incense and Peppermints from here:

“Good sense, innocence, crippled and kind.
Dead kings and many things I can’t define.
Oh Cajun spice, sweats and blushers your mind.
Incense and peppermints, the color of thyme.”

And the group was named The Strawberry Alarm Clock.

What do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wait. I feel that you may be trumped. And those Yes lyrics are a very strong contender.

A set of the correct lyrics for that verse:

*Good sense, innocence, crippling mankind
Dead kings, many things I can’t define
Occasions, persuasions clutter your mind
Incense and peppermints, the color of time. *

Not that it makes all that much more sense…

ETA: Disclaimer: I got these lyrics off the web and am not at home where I could check the accuracy, but they seem to be correct. Off the top of my head I would have said it was “puzzle your mind” rather than “clutter.”

I prefer ghardester’s interpretation. Much more food orientated. Mmm…cajun spice…thyme…drool…

For absolute nonsense, it’s hard to beat Elton John’s “Solar Prestige a Gammon,” from the Caribou album. A brief sample:

Solar prestige a gammon,
Kool kar kyrie kay salmon.
Hair ring molassis abounding,
Common lap kitch sardin a poor floundin.

It’s a cheerful, bubbly little tune, and it makes absolutely no sense at all.

OK, I’ll see you a Donovan and raise you a Palace Music:


Yep. And it’s not supposed to make sense. It’s Bernie Taupin’s fake Italian response to John Lennon’s fake Spanish in “Sun King:”

Elementary penguin singing Hare Khrishna
Man you should have seen them
Kicking Edgar Allen Poe.
I am the eggman oh, they are they eggmen -
Oh I am the walrus GOO GOO GOO JOOB

Rule of songwriting #1: It doen’t have to make sense, it just has to fit the music.