Daily Mail publishes new Penn State allegations.

I’m not sure what to make of this. Supposedly all of this came from an anonymous witness. This is the Daily Mail so I’m somewhat skeptical.

There have been some rumors about this floating around, but I haven’t seen any real evidence.

Then there are the accreditation warnings.

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Britain - couldn’t give a crap about American football, unless something salacious happens.

Serious: what can the USPS do if this is true? I wasn’t aware that they had much control over electronic communications, and it’s not like they photocopy every letter that comes through. It also doesn’t give a year for these allegations, unless I missed it.

I think Post Office involvement would be related more to charges than to finding evidence. I’ve heard that mail fraud charges are often tacked on to other crimes if the mails were used in any way during the commission of those crimes.

If they can get testimony or confessions that illegal material was sent through the mail then they can tack on extra charges related to violating postal laws.

Mail fraud is also a federal crime, which means it can be investigated and prosecuted by the U.S. government, rather than the states.


That would probably be why the FBI would be involved. Either that or maybe state lines were crossed.

If it happened in a plane that was airborne, wouldn’t that trigger federal involvement?

I think that’s right. Certainly it would if the plane crossed state lines, but I think maybe there’s federal jurisdiction over all flights.

Yet more Penn State allegations!?! Will we never escape this treadmill of endless speculation?

These are allegations, not speculation.

Oh sure, but what if it did happen on a plane, in this media treadmill?

More accurately, they are Sandusky allegations, not Penn State allegations.

Between this and the paper towel tube theory, I think we’ve got enough for an entire Mythbusters episode.

Maybe it’s not totally accurate to call them “Penn State” allegations, but it’s also not totally inaccurate.

There are rumors of more than one wealthy donor being supplied with boys in exchange for donations, but that does fall under the term speculation.

I’m going to stick with “rumors” until some facts show up. Like I said earlier, this story has been floating around for a few months and I’m pretty sure other people have mentioned it in passing on this board. It’s almost impossible to rule out anything with regard to this scandal, but if somebody were trying to make up a story that built on all the other stuff that’s come out of Penn State, this is pretty much what it would look like.

Yeah- he’s a donor. I donate to the American Red Cross, but if I was involved in a scandal I doubt anyone would report it as an “American Red Cross scandal”.

If you were a “major” donor and the scandal also involved a Red Cross employee, it’d probably be described as a Red Cross scandal.

… and if the reason for your being together was Red Cross business, or derived from it, or your personal relationship was founded in a Red Cross relationship.

Yes, this is more Penn State stuff. There’s a valid argument that everyone involved or even aware is gone with extreme prejudice and it’s unfair to hold the current school responsible, sure. But that argument would be more valid if the booster(s) were also identified and banned by the school from any future contact with it, along with being prosecuted, of course.