Well, Mrs. Sandusky, go fuck yourself.

Liar, Liar, Soul On Fire.

Now, now, woman. Ya’ll reap what you sow.

He’s raping little boys for years in the basement, and you never heard anything? Never saw anything? You make Helen Keller look like an eagle-eyed lookout.

For shame, you whining fuck. For shame.

Surely, she must’ve been wondering what happened to all the paper towel tubes.

Damn you. Damn you to hell.

Ma’am, he was convicted on 45 counts. Could all the boys have been manipulated?!

Could we finally just let that go, please?

That interview was a month ago. Maybe something has jarred her memory.

All of them probably were. Unless he skipped the foreplay.

You’re kidding right? Just yesterday someone made the list of three joke.
Nothing ever really goes away around here.

I mentioned Dottie Sandusky’s Bullshit Tour over in The Thread That Dare Not Speak Its Name. I assume her interview is related to either the Sandusky appeals or the ongoing efforts by the Paterno family and others to reject the Freeh investigation’s report on Jerry’s hijinks.

No. Nothing goes away, and I wouldn’t suggest editing past posts to remove the paper towel tubes, but I’m tired of it being trotted out every time there’s even a hint of relevance.

Besides that, this is a waterbed in a basement vs. a shower in a school gym. Obvious differences abound. Starving Artist’s paper towel tube [del]fantasy[/del] test can’t be applied to this question.

But what he can tell you for sure is he had one hell of a time fucking the filler hole in a waterbed he had installed down in his own basement, so on the surface this claim is ridiculous.

She’s probably been doing that for decades.

Well, I have to admit the old bat is right. There is a vast “conspiracy” looking to put pedophiles in jail. They go by the name of the Department of Justice.

She’s going to hire OJ to look for the real rapist.

Just for a brief minute, I’ll do the devil’s advocating.

Here’s a woman who has spent how ever many years being married to an upright citizen, a man who has coached kids, probably attends church weekly and is for all intents and purposes a bloke beyond moral reproach.

Then the shit hits the fan with allegations, charges and sentences of child abuse.

If you were his wife, how would you respond? Me? I’d probably be in denial as well. To acknowledge otherwise would shatter my entire life. It would mean that my life had been a lie from the outset, that things I might have seen or heard along the way were not just innocent happenings, but toxic and horrid scenes. It would mean I’d have to let go of EVERYTHING I’d ever held precious. It’d mean that I was equally culpable even though I had nothing to do with the crimes.

Damn…whatever Sandusky has done, it’s just wrong to implicate his wife (and by extension, his kids) in the crimes. At the same time, it’s time for her now to let him go and to get on with a life without him if she can.

Rock, hard place, fuck I’m glad it’s not me.

Unless of course she knew what was going on and turned a blind eye.

It’s possible she was raised in an innocent and unsuspecting manor and that she never even considered that anything untoward could be happening.

I find it hard to believe she never had any serious suspicions and decided that turning her world and her children’s upside-down was too awful to consider so she’d rather just not know. But it’s possible.

Not to hijack my own thread or anything, but folks might want to stop using church attendence as an example of model citizenhood..

Then again, coaching children in school sports isn’t such a fine example either.


Perhaps it is more accurate, though I’m obviously disinclined to cut this whiner even an iota of slack, to state that through the welding-glass lenses of her perception, he was the lone shining star.

It’s reasonable to ask if she was a witness - especially since one of her own children -adopted son Matt- claims he was molested too. I don’t know if you’ve seen the video of the interview. I only caught a few minutes of. Matt Lauer didn’t press her too hard (because, you know, Matt Lauer) but he does make the point that a) it’s a very small house and b) the room where some of the molestations took place is right at the bottom of the stairs which lead down from the kitchen. It’s not like Dottie was off having tea on the terrace in the East Wing.

Dottie now claims that someone must have talked her son into making the accusations, or maybe he was bribed. She says the boy who claimed that he was screaming in the basement is just straight up lying.

She might not have known about what was happening at the gym or on the overnight trips - but in her own house, while she was home? And with her own child? She deserves to get shit for that.

“Shit” being a euphemism for “jail time”.

I would agree with that if he hadn’t been raping his own children.

Shouldn’t she at least believe her child’s allegations?

What a fucking awful mother.