Sandusky found guilty on 45 of 48 counts.

ESPN is reporting that the verdict is in. Guilty on 45 of 48 counts. I suppose this is one case where I don’t care if he gets the minimum sentencing. The minimum is 60 years - he’ll be long dead before that’s up.

Hey, I can relate to some of the women here! “Mr Sandusky swept into the courtroom in a brown jacket and a green tie, flashing his dazzling smile at the judge and jury.” Has he been reduced to being what he wears? Which will be an orange jumpsuit now.

Oh thank God. I was getting worried there.

From CNN, my bolding:

That’s his defence lawyer speaking…I thought Lionel Hutz was bad.

Give the guy a break. He did as much as any defense lawyer could do with the case. Some clients are just obviously and inarguably guilty.

Lionel Hutz would have assured his client of the 48 for 48 sweep.

At least Lionel Hutz would’ve acted all cool till the end.

Okay, boys! Start sharpening your toothbrushes!

It’s a travesty. He is clearly not guilty, for the same reason that you can’t park a volkswagon in a dog house. Try this: get a paper towell tube and take in the shower with you. Lather it up with shampoo, soap, and make sure that you rinse it well. The try to simulaten sex with it and you will see IT JUST DOESN’T WORK; the tube completely disintegrates. I’ve tried this at least 4 or 5 times and the results didn’t vary one iota. This great man is being railroaded…


Parody of a particular poster in this Pit thread who insisted that a grown man can’t anally rape a youth while standing behind him due to the angles and some such, and suggested using a paper towel tube to… do something to prove it wasn’t possible. I don’t remember.

That makes sense!

It’s a parody of the very very long pit thread that started when this case came to attention. And trust me on this, you really don’t want to concern yourself about paper towel tubes, or if a man held at a certain height while squ… trust me, the post was a parody, and you’re better off not knowing the references.

Best post / username combination ever!

Under the circumstances, I doubt a boy-rapist like Sandusky could have gotten acquitted by an all-NAMBLA jury.


Yep, Ibn Warraq what Ferret Herder said, SA in that thread managed to find some of the most noxious defenses (of Sandusky) ever made in history, and he managed to be double insulting, both to the intelligence of others and to morality.

I would like to think that as another poster noticed, that SA did indeed show his family what the heck he was doing in that thread and hopefully his family put SA’s old ass in the looney house.

Not after the testimony about screaming and throwing away underwear so the blood stains would go unnoticed. The sickos at NAMBLA at least try to pretend like they’re advocating for mutual relationships. Sandusky’s too sick even for them.

Just now I came upon this interviewwith Sandusky from a few months back. I suppose I could have guessed, but I never realized what a simpleton he is. He sounds like Lennie from Of Mice and Men. I’m thinking traumatic brain injury from his playing days, which would explain (but not excuse) his colossally poor judgment.

“I am absolutely thrilled. I am a Penn State employee, and I think Penn State needed a little vindication in this and the victims absolutely did. I was convinced of guilt. We hoped he would not walk,” Ginger Kowalchuk told HuffPost. (obviously from HuffPost article)

Vindication? IMO any reasonable person would take this conviction as an indication that Penn State’s culpability is now proven. Which just goes to show how easy it is for people to spin anything into a reality that will make them feel better.