Sandusky guilty on 45 counts.

Rot in prison you sick fuck.

I was going to post this too. Sigh of relief. Yes. He will never be seeing the light of day again. Sick, sick bastard.

That can’t be true. Both he and his attorneys said he didn’t do it.

Wait, no, he DID say he did it. Because he did.

Prison rape might not be as bad for him as it is for others, but at least he has to eat awful food for the rest of his life.

That sick sonofabitch deserves everything coming to him.

His wife disputing all the charges as unfounded? Charge her too. She was complicit and an accessory IMHO. Evidence of sexual impropriety let alone molestation, should have made the admins at Penn State run to the police just to CYA.

I think it’s a travesty that Joe Pa’s legacy will be forever tainted by this sick fuck’s actions. The poor guy DIED not long after the allegations were made. Now instead of his winning record, or his helmsmanship of “Linebacker U”, we are reminded of a sexual predator.

Maybe I’ve been watching too much “Game of Thrones”, but I’d like to see Jerry eaten by Direwolves. Fire is too good for him.

Well all I can say is that I hope Mr. Soon-to-be-living-the-rest-of-his-short-ass-life-in-agonizing-pain-rapist here gets what’s coming to him…

I’m predicting Sandusky will be dead before the end of the year. And not necessarily by murder or suicide. But he’s 68 years old, he’s had no prison experience, and he has nothing to live for.

Joe Pa’s legacy is tainted by his own actions. He helped to cover up Sandusky’s rapes. He let Sandusky hang around the showers even after being told what happened, letting more little boys be raped.

Eleven players have him in the DeathPool, over in the Games Forum.

You know, we’re supposed to be better than the Bad Guys. Rape should never be a legal punishment, just as torture shouldn’t be.

Given that prisons are, by definition, full of criminals and people who don’t play by the rules, though, and they supposedly don’t like pedophiles any more than those in the outside world, he may well be spending the rest of his life in solitary for his own safety. So, the rest of his life in prison utterly alone.

Also, he might well prefer being the rapist and in control. Being the rapee won’t be any less bad for him than for anyone else, assuming anyone has the inclination and opportunity.

It’s hardly unknown that a male criminal conceals his crimes from his wife. I find it odd that there was nothing for her to notice, but between any normal level of discretion of a cheating husband and the human capacity for denial I could see her truly not being consciously aware of what the hell was going on. At least one of the victims has stated that nothing improper even went on in front of the wife. So I’m not going to automatically assume she’s as guilty as Jerry Sandusky. I’m suspicious, but I don’t think her guilt is automatic.

Yes, but what have the Direwolves done to deserve that?

Of all the things in the world to predict & be wrong about, I was glad I predicted wrong on this. A strict and well-staffed PA Prison, and all that comes with it, should be able to protect society and its children from him going forward.

My gf knows when I have naughty thoughts about the neighbor weeding the flower bed in her bathing suit. Dottie knew.

Heck of a day in Philly – the verdict in the was-the-Catholic-Church-enabling-pedophiles case (hung jury) in the afternoon, then this in the evening. Glad that the latter case was resolved quickly and decisively, unlike the former.

Dirty old sod. What a relief.

Prison will be bad, but your rape fantasies will likely not be played out. Kiddie fiddlers are usually placed in solitary because otherwise they end up dead in short order. It will be a long, lonely stint for him. I’ll be curious to see what the sentence is, as child molesters are often released in shockingly short time.

Not this time unless it gets changed:

I can’t recall a case where the evidence was so overwhelming. My gosh, I lost count of the witnesses that said this sick bastard molested them. It was a parade of guys.

I guess the biggest question is why in the hell these men didn’t come forward years ago. They could have prevented this from happening to the more recent victims. Some of the early victims were from the mid 1990’s. They’ve been grown ass men for over ten years and didn’t say a damn thing to the cops. All it would have taken is three or four victims to come forward. Probably at least a couple dozen kids could have avoided this pervert.

Unfortunately they’ll have to spend a fortune keeping this pervert in protective custody. Otherwise, someone would shank him within a week. Which would save everyone a hell of a lot of trouble.

I’m sure they feel horrible about not talking, but the stigma of molestation is a pretty strong motivator. Also, the guy is famous, someone who has a children’s foundation and helps coach a winning football program. The fear that he’ll be believed has got to be high.

The only person responsible for preventing Jerry Sandusky from hurting another boy is Jerry Sandusky. It’s not the victims’ responsibility to police him. They most likely didn’t come forward until now because they didn’t think they’d be believed and nothing would be done, and they’d suffer further pain and humiliation for no reason.

“Why don’t you ask yourself, who would you believe? Who would *you *believe? *Who would you believe? Who would **you *believe? Who?
-Lisa Kudrow, Easy A