Daily Show stream?

Anyone know if they’re streaming the live Daily Show feed going on right now? I assume not because it’s not posted prominently on their home page, but I thought I’d check.

Whatcha watching election coverage on?

I’m watching it on TVU. You can either watch it in the browser with WMPlayer 11 or download their standalone viewer.

woah, haven’t been on that site before-- can you direct me to the correct channel?

ETA: Wait, found it but it won’t stream. I’ll try to dl the standalone player

awesome, it worked. thank you so much

No problem! I just wish it was higher quality video.

To be honest, the show is falling a bit flat. I love both the Daily Show, and Colbert report normally. and I know Stewart can do live from the awards show, but something is really off tonight. Like normally they know where to dance the line between comedy and real news, but they seem unsure where to go tonight, and kind of seem flailing uncomfortably between pre-set skits, and well nothing really.

is it just me?

Yeah, a little bit wolfman. They’re not bantering quite as well as usual. Of course, they’re probably bot so amazingly excited that Obama is actually happening that I can give them a pass.
Yay, he just won!!

Hahaha, just saw the part on rerun where Wyatt Cenac (?) took over the Colbert Report, and said the desk was a C for Cenac! The way he said it, I dunno, I just laughed out loud.

And then Stephen responds with Nooooooooooooooo!!


Cenac Attack!

I’m really enjoying Wyatt Cenac lately- he’s probably my favorite of the current correspondents. It’s nice to see that he’s not just getting the token “black” pieces, too.

Nope, just the ones where the blacks take over America! :smiley: