Daler Mehndi lyrics?

A friend of mine, who is infinitely more worldly than I am, sent me a music video for a song titled “Tunak, Tunak” by an Indian artist named Daler Mehndi.
And, unlike most of what American artists are cranking out these days, its pretty freaking awesome.
However, the lyrics are (obviously) all in Indian, a language that I do not speak. For some people, this would not be a problem. Some people can thoroughly enjoy a tune, without having the slightest clue what the artist is saying/singing.
Unfortunately, I am not one of those people.
Equally unfortunate, I’ve been unable to track down the lyrics to this song in either language.
Cutting to the chase: If someone would be nice enough to track down and translate the lyrics, and post 'em here, I would be inclined to worship them as God. Not a god, mind you, but God.

I don’t want to discourage you :slight_smile: but those songs are in not one but three Indian languages-Hindi,Punjabi and Urdu with a single song being in more than one language.So I imagine it might be a little tough translating them.(I don’t have them though)

Hehe my friend sent me that very video a few years ago…I laughed a while but forgot about it…Then at college this past year I pulled it out again and it became a favorite among my suitemates… We learned all the moves to the dancing and were known to put on little shows…

as for the lyrics…pff…no clue…we usually just kinda let fly with a constant string of vowels

Adithya: Oof. That not only complicates matters, it exposes my ignorance of all things Indian. :eek:

Kaje: I’m sure it took countless hours of practice to get the finger-wiggling-hand-raising move exactly right. :smiley:

Strange observation: I got more replies (in a different thread) by promising to send respondants a cookie than by offering to worship them as God. Wonder what that proves?

LOL–Daler Mehndi rocks! I bought a VCD with a ton of his videos last time I was in India. Like Kaje I made a lot of people laugh at college with it. :smiley:

As for the OP: Adithya is right. My dad (born and raised in India) can’t figure out Daler Mehndi’s lyrics. Heck, when we went to Delhi last time our driver/guide was Punjabi, and my dad could barely communicate with him in Hindi. Granted, my dad is South Indian (the languages there are pretty different from Hindi), but it’s still significant.

A last word of advice: a lot of Daler Mehndi’s songs are Punjabi folk songs with a techno beat added. Do some searching for Punjabi folk songs and you might find something.

Urdu and Hindi are actually the same language. Panjabi is different, but closely related. The main difference is that Panjabi is a tonal language.

Daler Mehndi is a Sikh (known informally in India as Sardarji), and anytime you see a Sardarji you can assume their native language is Panjabi.

In the United States there are Polack jokes, in Canada there are Newfie jokes, and in India there are Sardarji jokes. For example, a guy sees a Sardarji lying on the beach. He asks, “Are you relaxing?” The Sardarji answers, “No, I’m Alka Singh.”

hey there’s more to it than that… and anyway…yeah the finger-wiggling was tough

Here is a link to the video in question. I too would be interested in finding out the lyrics to this awesome song.

THAT’S GREAT!!! I’ve been listening to his music for a little while now, and really enjoying it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to listen to that song in quite the same way again, though. Thanks for the link.
Anyone who likes listening to his music should check out Cheb Mami, Malkit Singh, Cheb i Sabbah, and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, particularly the Massive Attack remixes. It’s not all Punjabi music, but it’s all good stuff.