Dallas Gets Blowed Up Good

I hope nobody got seriously hurt.

I wonder if there is a guy named Hank involved.

Dallas, not Arlen!


What the hell is going on with all our major cities exploding?

Police are searching for a man with a crew cut, glasses and a narrow urethra, and his son, who, according to witnesses, “ain’t right.”

I dunno. Maybe you should ask Michael Chertoff’s gut.

At least it’s a gas plant and not someplace more ominous. I mean when your municipal water department blows up or if a gravel pit catches on fire, that’s when you know you’ve really got some serious problems.

I heard that terrorists are adding stuff to natural gas to make it explosive.

Those bastards!

That would be air. The countermeasure to that is to ban air. Perfectly reasonable.

Pesky accelerants.

I think you mean the Trashcan Man.

Meanwhile, yike-a-doo!