Damien? Is that you? Or: would you like a side of thorazine with that chocolate milk?

I’m kind of at a loss for words. Does he need a time out, or an exorcism?

Un-fucking-real. And the people watching evidently were so weirded out by this kid’s behavior that they stopped playing the video game to gawk at him going insane. Some kids simply don’t deserve video game privelages, do they?

D’oh, I think I made it pretty clear that the video I linked to contains some beyond-the-pale sort of shit, but I didn’t give a clear not worksafe warning.

So, just to make clear, if you have the volume turned up on your computer and you’re at work do not open this file.

If someone else would please report this post so that many a mod can add a non-worksafe warning, I’d appreacite it.

That’s one XBox that would find itself in the trash if this even came close to happening in my house.

For real… what on earth was the mother doing during the kid’s tantrum? Watching the video my girlfriend suggested that the mother should’ve ripped the Xbox out of the wall, frogmarched her kid into the car with the Xbox, and driven down to the local salvation army… and then made the kid hand it over to them himself.

It seems pretty clear to me that it’s okay with this kid’s mother that he speak to her like this. Kids are taught from an early age what the boundaries are, or if there are no boundaries at all. Sad. I can’t help but think about the woman this boy will abuse as an adult, when this is how he treats his mother at age nine. I don’t feel sorry for his mom- she has created this, but I do feel sorry for any future girlfriends or wives.

You know, just watching that thing made me agitated.

Not sorry I saw it, though! The irony of a nine-year-old pretending to be a Special Forces soldier, or whatever the first-person was supposed to be, while acting like a complete spoiled brat, is priceless.

I loved that the other gamers were so weirded out that they not only stopped shooting, but focused on the character’s face as his lips synched up with the kid’s tantrum. It was surreal.

I totally agree!

Holy fucking shit. Unbelievable.

The lip-synced tantrum was unintentionally hilarious though.

Not entirely surprised that the type of 9 year old who is allowed to
a) play violent vdeo games
b) play violent videogames with complete adult strangers over the internet
has serious behaviour problems.

It’s not a situation that screams “enforcement of appropriate boundaries” is it?

I think this is getting typical, but b) is actually quite all right as long as the kid don’t reveal too much personal information about himself.

I have no idea what was going on though – couldn’t really make it out from the gunshots and etc. Was the mum trying to give the kid some chocolate milk? Or was the kid demanding for it?

'eh, I was always allowed to play violent video games(and watch violent movies) and I don’t act like that. It isn’t surprising to me, but for reasons other than the game he was playing.

Ok, so after I ripped the Xbox out of the wall and smashed with a hammer while he was still sitting there…

Seriously…I know parents who allow thier children to treat them like this, I’ve seen parents who allow their children to treat them this way in public but…

me no comprendo.

Seriously. If I had ever done that to my parents, let alone “in public”, I’d have gotten the living shit beat out of me. And as much as I loathe parental abuse, I’d have a hard time thinking I didn’t completely and utterly deserve every last bit of it.

That’s just awful. Sad when it makes ya long for the days they didn’t even stop the car to beat ya, they just grabbed an umbrella or something off the passenger floor to swing towards the backseat.

Come on, at least a few of ya remember the infamous, “I SWEAR TO GOD, IF I HAVE TO STOP THIS CAR…” :smiley:

Man, it’s stuff like this that makes me realize how great my kids are. Andrew or Claire would never do something like that.

Wow…my brother is 13, has been playing violent video games since the first grade and has never ever done anything like this. When he gets mad, all he does is lock himself in his room and we never ever hear a peep from him. And when he comes out, he’s not pissed anymore. That was kind of scary, though. I’m really worried about what the kid is gonna be like as a teenager and even worse: an adult.


This is so wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to start.

  1. kid should not be playing this game. Not at age 9. Yeah, so you got to–so what. There is a reason those games are marked with categories like movies–mom was dead wrong to buy it for him, period.

  2. If any of my children OR their friends (or their cousins, come to that) spoke to me or the babysitter like that…Xbox is GONE–for at least a month, if not permanently. A version of family community service would ensue.

  3. mom lost control of this long beforehand, but did anyone else hear her start to count down? That was the last straw in this house–when I start counting–all bets are off. My kids only got to three and whammo! Instant consequences. Also, why didn’t mom come in and take the damned thing away? stupid question, I know.

  4. Swearing. Yep, I do it(mostly online). I allow my 16 year to get away with an occasional shit or damn. A 9 year old? No f’in way!

  5. I don’t understand --he was playing this game with other people online? (the things I do not know)–not at age 9, he’s not. And not that type of game.

He sounds like a scared, out of control kid, who can easily turn violent. Depending in his size, he may well be a bully at school–or bullied, which would just add to his rage.

Little creep needs counselling and strong consistent limits, and there may be hope for him. Doubt he’ll get either. Sad.

I don’t think the kid deserves to get beat up: he deserves parents who know how to set boundaries in a civilized fashion. If dogs can learn to behave without being beaten, so can kids.

So, some steps for mom to take in this case:

  1. Next time the kid comes home from school, his X-box is gone. He will be informed that he’s now on a straight and narrow, and that increasingly, privileges will be taken from him for misbehavior. Raising his voice in argument counts as misbehavior, although he’s allowed to discuss the issue for a reasonable time period, say, the next half-hour. Calling any family members names is misbehavior. Interrupting mom is misbehavior. Ultimately, privileges may go down to the point where he’s eating a monastic diet, receiving no allowance, and having all his prized possessions packed away, with only ihs own imagination to keep him entertained. Everything except the X-Box can be regained.
  2. No more mom-is-butler. The kid gets shown where the fridge is, and he can figure out how to get his own drinks. Caffeinated drinks are no longer an option; sugary drinks are seriously limited (e.g., if mom discovers him drinking more than one sugary drink a day, she stops buying them altogether).
  3. Television is limited. This isn’t a punishment, but instead is a good idea. One hour a day should be plenty, although he’s allowed to bank hours to a limited degree if he’d rather just veg out on a Saturday morning.
  4. If he’s bored, he’s encouraged to sign up for a sport or other sort of fun afterschool activity, to visit the library, or to have friends over.

Seem reasonable?


Hey, I want my fucking choclate milk!

It’s like listening to a live version of Cartman, though the mom sounds more like Kenny’s mom.

Near as I could make out, it started with mom telling him to turn the sound down or off. He countered that she’d told him to keep the sound off only when she was in bed, and she wasn’t. A lot of whining about “You always mess me up!” (meaning, she interfered with his playing of the game), then I lost the thread of the argument for a while.

Caught up again when he rejected her offering of Mountain Dew. I say “offering” instead of “offer” because it sounded as if she’d brought it right to him, and I can just see her bowing as she set it down and crawling away backwards.

That’s the point at which he went off the rails. “That’s bullshit! You said I could have anything I want to drink!” And so forth. I’m not sure if a request to turn the volume or the game off was tied into this, or if it was strictly about the chocolate milk, but it was seriously scary.

By all means, make any corrections or fill in any gaps as necessary.