Dammit, Microsoft, I didn't say you could stop doing bing411!

I wish they could teach me, then. Using the touch screen keyboard is the one thing I don’t like about the iPhone. I hit the wrong key all the time. The guessing mechanism is fine for when you’re typing a sentence, but when you’re typing a password you need to get every character right, so it’s frustrating when you keep missing the key.

Bing? What are you still doing here, I thought I told you to go fuck your mother!

Oh, I completely agree with the uselessness of the Bing search engine on my computer. But I do need my free phone number look up service for my cell phone, and I really want to know where it’s going to come from after June 1.

I have a stylus like that (well, actually a stylus/writing pen combo) for my tablet, but the ball looks a bit large to be useful on a smartphone.

There’s apparently 1-800-FREE411. Snopes says it’s legit.