Dammit Netflix! No more Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale's Shows!

So bummed. Loved both these shows. :frowning:


That’s too bad. I hadn’t seen Joel McHale’s show but I really liked Michelle Wolf’s show. I only watched about half the episodes though so I’m part of the problem. The weekly release schedule means you can’t binge it. That probably hurts viewer metrics.

Netflix was trying to expand their reach. It didn’t work. Those type of shows are still what broadcast and cable TV are for. Those are the type of shows that people watch the week they come out or they don’t watch at all. I don’t think Netflix will ever be appointment TV. I know I have no interest in watching topical political comedy three weeks after it happened.

Too bad about McHale’s show. It seems like the budget for the show would have been negligible unless Joel wanted too much salary.

I loved the first Season of McHale, but the second Season with the return of Pizza Ghost and stuff grew a bit tired. And I agree, Clipshows like these make sense in a very short timeframe. Even though I really appreciated having a German “Tatort” as one of the international bits :wink:
And we will never forget the Clip about the Korean woman throwing a bicycle to take out the slowest motorcycle assassin of all time. That was some next Level crazy.

But they tanked the idea of watching those shows daily, by switching them back to their binge format.

I know I watched Joel’s show all the time when it was weekly, but I never got around to the batch dump–though I eventually will.

That said, I’m hardly the type of customer Netflix wants. I use the same account as my parents and my sister, and barely watch anything from them: mostly only when I’m watching a commentary YouTube video and Netflix happens to have the movie–something that has happened less and less over time. OR the occasional standup special.

I don’t find much of today’s TV to be appealing. Not episodic enough. And a lot of dreary undertones.

Yep. I agree. People watch Netflix (and Amazon Prime and Hulu) to watch a show whenever they want. They want all the episodes to come out at once so they can binge (or at least watch 2 in a row).

Hulu has had success with making Handmaid’s Tale weekly, but the quality is so high with that show people will make a point to watch it as it comes out. But even then I had some weeks where I was like “Oh wait, we have 2 Handmaid’s Tales to watch”.

As a avid Hulu fan, I can tell you they are not marketed for binge watching.

Hulu’s biggest draw is they show (major) network content the day after it is aired. Something the other two don’t offer. For them, you have to wait until the next season begins before it is put up on Netflix or Amazon.

Wolf’s voice would probably do better than waterboarding at making terrorists give up their secrets.

I watch very little on Hulu. Once the HT season ended, I put them on hold for the maximum time and will likely do it again when that hiatus is up. They just don’t offer that much that I want to watch.

We watched one episode of her show. That whiny, nasal voice was horrible. Then she brought out a guest with the same voice! Time to move on.

I liked McHale’s show, but I kept forgetting about it.

The Rundown with Robin Thede on BET got canceled too. I hadn’t watched Joel’s show, but it’s a bummer to see two funny women get canceled so close together.

I don’t mind her voice. Her timing is terrible. She always sounds like she’s reading off of cue cards, and doing it poorly.