The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale - Soup 2.0?

A lot of us mourned when The Soup was cancelled 2 1/2 years ago. Sounds like Netflix is making a new version of it, which actually is online now. I’m watching it tonight, though, and will share thoughts.

It’s not The Soup, but McHale has made it sound similar enough. They are going to make fun of reality shows and so forth, but they are basically free of any limitations or genre requirements.

It is weekly. This is my first “weekly” show on Netflix, actually. Still, it should allow it to be fresh.

I hope he brought some of the Soup writers over. :crosses fingers:

You can read about it here if you want. It’s live now.

I enjoyed the Soup and I enjoyed the first episode of this one. Glad he’s back on the air, even if they barely changed anything. Very nice and easy to watch, low-brow and dumb laughs.

…is it just a continuation of the Soup?

Hilariously yes, as he literally launches the show with “Now…where was I? Oh right, the Bachelor.” And then without missing a beat the show turns into the Soup, with extra “fucks” in the dialog, just because they can.

I really enjoyed The Soup when it was on E! and miss it. But I don’t subscribe to the Netflix streaming service and this show’s not enough to tempt me to do so.

(I do wonder when Netflix will implode. This show’s not very expensive, but they have been spending money like there’s no tomorrow and at some point, I expect a collapse or a contraction.)

The Skunk Boy Show with John Henson would’ve been better.

Or it’s Talk Soup 3.0?

Bring back Greg Kinnear!

Jon Henson forever!!!

Watching it now.

I’m so happy. I don’t even care if it is hit and miss. I just can’t believe it’s on again.

This is the Soup 2.0.

It’s back!!!

Thanks for the heads up! I will have to watch this at my earliest opportunity.

You should. I’m still smiling just because The Soup is back. I’m so glad I had no idea until it was on.

I enjoyed all the Talk Soup hosts but there was something about The Soup I really loved. I’ve got this loaded to play right now.

Nah, think of them similar to Amazon constantly investing to build out its warehousing/logistics capabilities: investing to build out a ton of content during this “land grab” period where viewers are establishing their streaming brand preferences.

I watched the first episode a couple of days ago. It’s definitely, unapologetically Soup 2.0, and that’s a good thing. McHale has a knack for making me laugh. I’m glad he’s doing this.

Speaking of McHale and Netflix, I’m watching the National Lampoon documentary, and it’s hilarious that they have McHale play his nemesis (Chevy Chase).

Just caught it last night and yes, I’m happy he’s back and he does make me giggle. Just his face sometimes. And Jason Priestley! The montage of Korean soap opera vehicle accidents had me rolling.

I missed the Soup and greatly welcome this clone.
The final bit with the preacher talking about masturbation in vivid detail killed me.

Yeah…it’s just not working out for you here at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Don’t forget the last joke, if you actually stuck around for the end credits!

It is a continuation of the Soup, and I’m glad. Now if only Alton Brown’s new show will make an appearance…

Well, it was great while it lasted. Last episode hit Netflix tonight.
They are coming back in July with 6 more episodes. I’m guessing Joel has limited availability.

I think this first group of episodes was a test run, I’m glad it did well enough they are making more. I’m sure Joel is busy, but he did Community and The Soup at the same time for a while, hopefully they can coordinate things.