The Soup canceled on E!

Certainly not TV’s finest show, but it was the only way I knew about half the crap on TV these days. Not sure I would have any cultural reference point for Kardashians or most other reality shows these days without the Soup with Joel Mchale.

I watched the John Henson one for a long time back in the day as well.
Soup Canceled


It’s one of like three shows I actually DVR. (The other two being Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.) This really sucks. How else am I supposed to keep on top of pop culture? Really, it’s my main vector for pop culture knowledge.

one of my staples too! I wouldn’t know about pop culture without this show. Not to mention Joel is a hottie too!

This means I’ll have to actually watch these trash TV shows to mock them.

One of the biggest losses in my cable cord cutting a few years ago. Never found a (legal) way to stream it.

I’ve been watching from the earliest days of Greg Kinnear. How can E! do this? Somebody needs to make fun of their shows. It’s better for them for it to be them.

On one hand I’m disappointed. I’ve watched the show for years and it’s made me laugh more than most scripted TV and movie comedies. On the other hand, it hasn’t seemed as good in recent years. I’m not sure if it’s the shows they cover that I have no interest in or if McHale is bored and just collecting a paycheck. Moving it around on the schedule didn’t help. I never could get used to it being on Wednesday.

I know. It did move back to Friday not long ago, but it was weird. It’s definitely an “end of the week” kind of show.

Yeah, the move to Wednesday really threw me off, but it didn’t seem to last that long. It’s been back on Friday for awhile now.

It’s also been live for awhile. I believe they took Friday off due to the Paris attacks last week.

I’m disappointed. It’s very funny and, like others here, the only exposure I have to people like the Kardashians. I admit that I disliked the recent episodes focused on Nascar or the reunion special from a couple of weeks ago. Both were boring. But in general, the show is great.

NOOO! Everyone write an email to E! right now!

Yes–that’s what they said on their Facebook page.

That show was the only reason I ever watched E!. Goodbye, Mankini. :frowning:

There is a void in the universe now. Granted, it’s a tiny, meaningless void, but a void none-the-less. Goodbye Soup!

For awhile there, I swear Soup was one of their top rated and cheapest to produce shows. I kind of figured it would run forever, even after Joel left.

I wonder what factored into cancelling it.

Yeah, it’s surprising that they would cancel it. Even if Joel wasn’t as in to it anymore, I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to find another comedian who could host. I’m guessing the channel is doing some sort of rebranding and The Soup doesn’t quite fit with their newer brand, but I’m having a hard time finding out anything, since searching for E! Network is difficult.

This is my thought exactly. That show’s gotta be cheap as dirt to produce and I’m sure it still brings decent enough ratings for the E! network. And really, it’s a great premise. All the highlights (and lowlights) of crappy reality TV and talk shows without having to actually watch reality TV or talk shows!

I hope they’re not expecting people who are used to the weekly Soup reality show wrap up to actually watch those shows now. The only way I could digest those was to see it on the Soup.

Guessing Joel was ready to move on / holding out for more $$$ and they chose to end the show rather than try to replace him.