You must watch Burning Love on E!

This show seems to have not gotten ***any ***promotion, I only caught the first minute because I have my TiVo pad the ending of The Soup. I’m not surprised that they didn’t promote it because it’s basically making biting, savage, intelligent, and much-deserved criticism of essentially every reality show on E! and everywhere else!

It’s a really simple premise, it’s just a parody of The Bachelor. But it’s done by Ben Stiller & company and some of the people behind Childrens Hospital so it’s incredibly witty, sarcastic, and outright mean in its portrayals of the ‘Bachelor’ guy himself as being a vapid, narcissistic, ignorant, pretty-boy douchebag. And all the women as arch stereotypes of these kinds of shows: a driven attorney who’s pathetically marriage crazy, an airhead cutie, an obnoxious gregarious Amazon, an over-caring ‘special needs’ kindergarten teacher, a religious one, a sloppy slut, a homeless neo-hippie etc. Plus a couple of over-the-top wild cards: An 84-year-old woman, a blind girl, the Asian guy from *Community *as either a tranny, a really ugly broad, or just a guy in a dress!

It’s also incisively criticizing everyone behind the scenes of these shows, the creators, directors, producers, networks etc. as well as the ignorant *sheeple *who are diehard fans of them! It calls them out as being the shallow, humiliating, morally bankrupt, exploitative, semi-delusional, self-aggrandizing jerks that they are. I can picture these people watching this show and either A) Not even realizing it’s a parody or B) Knowing that it’s fake but not seeing why it’s supposed to be funny! Why this show is even on E! escapes me. It’s more suited to Adult Swim or at least Comedy Central.

BTW, it had an amazing surprise ending for its premiere episode!

I think it was a was a web series first, like Children’s Hospital was. Ken Marino is fantastic.

I hate, hate HATE reality shows, as well as any kind of contest-show that is obviously scripted. Which is why I hate myself for enjoying King of the Nerds, but that’s my shame.
However, Burning Love sounds right up my alley. :smiley: gonna have to check it out!

Yes, it’s on Yahoo, and season two is underway there. Season two is like ‘The Bacholorette’, where one of the ladies from season one chooses from a group of guys.

I only saw one ep of S2 so far, but I loved season one.