Dammit!!! This has been going on for years!! Why don't people learn

I’m talking about this … (sorry, haven’t yet learned how to do the “cool” link thing yet):


And particularly this part of the article

Why were two kids that little allowed out at that time of night alone? Am I just over protective?

This sort of thing happens all the time all over the country, (and as safe as Anchorage generally is insofar as raising kids, we still have our share) and still, people don’t watch their kids, and then something sad like this happens and is televised, and everyone shakes their heads and says how tragic it is.

We are all hoping that it was the dad (who lives out of state) or a relative that grabbed them and has them perhaps as part of some custody dispute.

But jeez!! Am I wrong to be so aggravated at the sort of lackadaisical behaviour where parents would just let two kids this age out alone?


and sigh

:frowning: :frowning:

I dunno Canvas. I was never allowed to walk alone at that age, at that time. Hell, when I was a sophomore in high school if I wasn’t home by the time I promised to be home(at night), the search team hit the streets looking for me.

So I definitely understand your feelings. My kids will grow up similar to me. My kids will hopefully not disappear like this.


When I was 8, I had a minibike that I rode all over town by myself, but that was the early '70s in a small town in Arkansas…

I was certainly, by 7, allowed to play outside alone, as long as (a) I was on my block, and (b) I came home before dark. Had some good times. Maybe the fact that parents are afraid to let their kids play outside alone and the fact that kids are getting obese are related somehow.

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Those poor kids…

well, I lived in a village as long as I remember, and as long as I was in before it was a) obscenely dark or b) the drunks started filling outta the pubs it was ok with my 'rents

I’m in with all the outsiders here. When I was 8 I could pretty much do anything I wanted for as long as I wanted to.

Normally the signal for me to come home was that my friends all had to go eat dinner, or that it was 9pm and they all had to go to bed.

Usually we just played in my basement all the time until my mom MADE us go outside sometime after 6 or 7. :slight_smile:

I think when I was 5 I was just supposed to stay on my block. Don’t remember much from back then.

I don’t understand it, either. It makes me want to scream at the stupid parents/ guardians that let their kids out past dark.


Thanks Rilchaim, and yes, I had a hard time sleeping just thinking about them. The poor mom!!!

And that area of town is a fairly nice one, out toward “South Anchorage” where the large heavily wooded areas almost always in existance in and around most subdivisions. (even smack dab downtown has several such still wild areas).

We’ve had such a weird winter too… no snow for most of the fall, then a little in December which has nearly all melted (as you can see from the photos in the news article), and now we’ve got our “cold snap” which, while warmer than normal, is still dipping down to the single digits at night, but yet getting up to the mid twenties by day (warm by an Anchorage kid’s reasoning, so they probably weren’t very bundled up to go play that night).

Because of the weather and the resultant early willow shoots the moose are plentiful in the city too and it’s a bad time of year “moodwise” for the moose, the females are preggers and getting ready to boot last year’s calf and they are liable to be cranky. (moose kill or injure more people here than bears do).

There are trails all through the wooded areas, both manmade and wildlife trails, but even people who are quite familiar with hiking can get lost (I know I’ve done it many times, even on trails familiar to me).

Sigh!!! And such nice little kids too.