Damn company that sounds like Pell

I just ordered a new computer. Well, I received said computer yesterday. Hooked it all up. Looks reeeeal fancy like.

{Keyboard Failure}

WTF? After trying every possible thing, and sitting on hold for a WHILE with tech support, it is determined that I have a dead keyboard.

Ok. So. The part that really puts my sphincter into a spasm is that this is only the second computer I’ve ever bought. First one, 5 years ago, being from said company (one that sounds like Fell). That particular computer had {Mouse Failure}. Hours on the phone with tech support.

Thankfully, that time we were able to remedy it with an old mouse we had from my husbands prehistoric computer. This time? Nope. My old dinasoar of a keyboard won’t plug into any of the ports on the back of my new futuristic one.

So I get to go shopping today for a new keyboard. That’s ok. I so enjoy shopping.

Don’t they check these components before shipping the product. Isn’t that part of the “build it to your specifications” appeal. Instead of buying a cookie cutter computer you work one up and it all just melds together beautifully?

If it’s any consolation, at least you weren’t on hold with an overseas call center.

Would be Hell if you had to talk to Mel…

No, they figure it’s cheaper to have you do that.

Shell sells computers now?

83 octane motherboard :dubious:

RAM is 2.38-9/10 per Meg.

If you want to save a few bucks, you can always opt for a DIN-to-Mini-DIN adapter to plug your old keyboard into your new computer.

That would have been a good idea had I read it prior to my shopping trip.
Oh well. No worries.

I did however, get my hands on a crazy cool wireless keyboard and mouse by company X (sounds like mogirech)

The wireless mouse can sit in a rechargeable thingy. Pretty cool since one of my cuss causes was the wires that I frequently got my feet tangled in.

Yes, technology has left me in the dust which is why I’m pretty excited about the wireless stuff.

At least I’m able to enjoy my new computer made by company that sounds like Gel.

stands up and chucks keyboard into air, watches it fly

There, that should get to the OP soon. wanders off happily

You aimed south right?