Damn damn DAMN ... the Robert Pastorelli mourning thread


Rest in peace, Eldin :frowning:


That’s a shocker (not just that he’s dead, but that he’s only 49). I remember when his girlfriend killed herself it was revealed that he’d had a history with drugs; the implication is that they got him.

Noooo! I really liked him. I thought he was doing well as a director, though I may be wrong . . . What a damn shame. That’s four show-biz stars in two days gone!

While I liked him quite a bit on Murphy Brown, I really enjoyed his detective show, which sadly lasted about 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure it was called Cracker.

Completely enjoyable performance in Dances With Wolves as well. Bummer.

I don’t believe it…

D’oh! Hit Reply instead of Preview.

Anyway, just wanted to mention what first came to mind when I heard.

Back in 1994, Valentine’s Day to be precise, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger hosted SNL. The opening sketch was a takeoff on that scene in Goodfellas where the steadicam goes all around the bar, introducing Henry’s, or in this case, Baldwin’s, cronies. Like Out-of-Focus Eddie [David Spade] and Denise Who-Let-Her-Kind-in-Here [Ellen Cleghorne]. “And then there was Anthony “Santa” DeJenko…” And Pastorelli, in a Santa suit, walks by the camera, so fast I just had time to register him! I didn’t know then or now how he happened to be on the show. Kept waiting for him to show up in a sketch, but that was it.

:confused: :frowning:

BTW, here’s his IMDB listing, not updated yet. Yes, bib, he was the lead in the American version of “Cracker”; Robbie Coltrane originated the role in the UK. Also, the IMDB indicates that his latest project was still filming. He wasn’t the lead; I just hope he’d already completed his scenes.

loud flatulent noise

“Heh. Put that in ya book!” :smiley: