Damn Highschool Pranks!

This local (Cinti) story really bothers me.

It’s one thing to pull a senior prank (hey I’ve done it). Yet, it’s another thing to put unecessary stress (and death) on other living things while pulling a stupid prank. Fucking morons.

It just doesn’t make sense. I’m just glad these idiots are going to be charged with misdemeanor theft and animal cruelty.

Bad Karma, boys.

What idiots. They are 18 and 19 years old. They should know better. I couldn’t understand from the article (since it jumps around so much) what they were doing with the peacock (other than stealing it).

On a side note, when I was a senior, a bunch of the “popular” kids thought a good senior prank would be to show up to school drunk and in beach clothes. They brought sand to cover the front grass area of the school and make it a beach party. Not enough sand was brought but as others arrived for school, they joined in. The principal let senior go home that day (since if the drunk students stayed, they would have been arrested) but some of us had to take an AP test. :frowning:

Shit. I don’t think my thread is working.

Here is the article from the Cincinnati Enquirer:
(sorry I don’t code well)

[article deleted]

Well, the story broke out yesterday in the paper. From what I read, the idiots stole peacocks, a rabbit, chickens and a kitten from a local farm and then let the creatures loose when school started.

Okay, that’s sick.

My sister’s class-(she didn’t participate in this), let loose a bunch of mice in the halls. Some were squashed. sigh

When I was a senior, some of my classmates TRASHED the outside-they had a bonfire and a campout the night before, and there were burning trash cans, beer bottles everywhere, and “Class of 96!” spray painted everywhere.

I had psych first period, and my teacher was the senior class sponsor. I never saw him so pissed. He was just really quiet and just smoldering.

Oh, and I forgot-when my sister was a freshman, the senior class filled the halls with mothballs-they had to air out the school and a lot of people went home sick.

People are such morons.

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