Damn, It's Busy In Here! or: problems we partly cause, but complain about

I was stuck in awful crawling traffic yesterday for nearly two hours, on my way to a time-critical appointment. Of course, I worried, fretted, then cursed and complained about the traffic. But I was directly part of the problem. There were too many cars trying to drive this particular route, and mine was one of them

I think that qualifies as mundane and pointless, but it made me wonder how many other situations in life are like that.

Nonsense. When I’m stuck in traffic, it’s not because I’m in traffic. I need to be on the road. I deserve to be on the road.

It’s those other losers who are in the way, probably because they secretly hate me and want to make me miserable. Certainly, they could have no legitimate reason to steal my road. :smiley:

There is a lot of traffic at 10-pm. Maybe eeven more than at 10-am. Where the hell are all those people going?

I once had a job where I had to drive home, 100 miles, every Saturday at 6 pm. You know what I observed? In summer, when it was still light, there was very little traffic. In winter, when it was dark, there was a lot more traffic. Why do so many people wait until it is dark, and then go out and drive around?