Damn my speech imediment!

I have a slight lisp, ok? It’s rarely a problem, I just struggle a bit with words with “th” and “sh” sounds in them (interesting experience once when I was cast as Titania and had to say the name “Theseus” a lot, but anyway…).
So earlier today I’m having an argument with a co-worker over the correct way to pronounce oregano - o-REG-ano or ore-GA-no. This goes on for some time until I finally snap: “For God’s sake it’s ore-GA-no! Don’t start with me, you psuedo yank!”. Except I can’t say “psuedo yank” and end up stumbling over it several times before being forced to settle for “fake American”. Which doesn’t sound nearly as good, got me laughed at by everyone and kind of negates my ability to argue about the pronunciation of - well, just about anything ever again!
Damn my speech imediment!

Have you ever gone to speech lessons? When I was a kid I had a slight lisp. To compensate I turned it into a “sh” sound (didn’t want to get bullied for being effeminate). A year of saying “swan swam over the sea, swim swan swim, swan swam back again, well swum swan” got me round to a proper “s”.

Aha! Sho your shecret ish out, Mishter Connery!

And you’re a shite for shore eyesh.

My doc wanted to send me to a speech therapist when I was a kid, but my mum didn’t think it was necessary as it’s not really severe and she though it was endearing. I don’t really mind it either, most people think it’s quite sweet - it’s just in situations like the one in the OP that it becomes so bloody annoying!

And stop hi-jacking my thread to do Bond impressions! :wink:

Shorry, Mish Jennyroshity.

I sssometimes ssstutter on my 's’s and it’s annoying because it’s ssuch a common letter.


Miss, Miss, the mean boys are picking on me!

Or should that be “Mish, Mish”?

Wouldn’t you say “Myth, myth”?

Oh, and you’re a Geordie too, so it’d be “Myth, myth, ya weah hinny, hadaway and shite”.

I warn you, I may cry…

Aw Jenny, that sucks that you couldn’t call someone a name properly.


Don’t get upset. We tease because we love ya.

But it IS pronounced oh-REG-uh-no…

-Psuedo Yank

(wait a minute–I’m a real Yank!)

Didn’t Marge Simpson pronounce it ore-GAH-no in one episode, and that was the whole joke? Implying she was such a bland cook she was unfamiliar with one of the most common spices?

Uh oh, Jenny… :wink:

Listen, you lot across the pond can pronounce it anyway you like, but my co-worker is English and as such her Americanisms irritate me beyond me belief. Christ, she spends 2 weeks in Texas and comes back thinking she’s Annie-bloody-Oakley, complete with cowboy boots and fake sheriff badge! Hu-rumph. Bloody colonies.

(I have no idea, btw, if Annie Oakley actually was from Texas. Nor do I really care.)

your speech imediment?


reminds me of the joke:
what’s an italian with a broken arm?

An Italian with a speech impediment.

FINE!!! Take the piss then! Just 'cos I not only have a speech imPediment (nit-picking bastard) but also previously undiagnosed dyslexia!!!

I was going to point it out earlier but I was afraid of getting whooshed.

well, you know what they say:

feck em if they can’t take a joke.

all meant in good humour, mind you.

And besides, Jennyrosity, if you didn’t want us to take the piss, then why did you post the OP as you did?
You could’ve just asked for the correct pronounciation of oregano.

BTW, the pronounciation differs from language to language.
it’s spelled the same in Dutch, and the correct way of pronouncing it in Dutch would be oreGAno.

In English, I believe it’s oREgano.

oh, and that would be nit-picking bitch. Not bastard.